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  1. AWDimprezal

    KZ550 build thread. "Little Bastard"

    Holy shit, someone else using a honda tank! Fantastic, check out my 750...
  2. AWDimprezal

    KZ750 build

    Bumping it up! Paint has been applied, and header wrap. (not pictured)
  3. AWDimprezal

    1968 cb160

    Wow thats a great looking bike, neat project!
  4. AWDimprezal

    CB175 Cafe, First Build

    Re: CB175 Cafe Racer Build That looks fantastic!
  5. AWDimprezal

    My 79 KZ650 Two-Up Project

    Its a plugged pilot jet(s) no doubt in my mind.
  6. AWDimprezal

    KZ GPZ 750 camshafts/fitment

    Definatly, I'm usually the one fixing the mess afterwords.
  7. AWDimprezal

    waterbottle gas tank

    Gear lube bottles have nipples built into the cap, put your hose on it, done.
  8. AWDimprezal

    ODB's Identity Crisis XS650 Cafe build?

    Thats a cool ass carb setup, wonder how its going to run with intake runners that long?
  9. AWDimprezal

    KZ GPZ 750 camshafts/fitment

    Ive done valve adjustments on my z1k, there is no way I couldnt understand this engine's DOHC setup.
  10. AWDimprezal

    Honda 360 Engine Build - +2mm Bore + Cam

    Are the cylinders oiled?
  11. AWDimprezal

    1972 Yamaha R5 Rat Bike The Yamabomination

    Or almost as bad as spelling CamAro wrong. ;D
  12. AWDimprezal

    CB360 Cafe

    Was this thing in the ocean?
  13. AWDimprezal

    KZ750 build

    Coming along little by little, I say that because I still like to ride it, so I dont do anything involved enough that it will make it un-rideable for more than a couple of days, the tail section is painted now, "winter grey" It look kind of like a shiny primer, which is exactly what I want.
  14. AWDimprezal

    KZ GPZ 750 camshafts/fitment

    What am I needing to swap cams from a GPZ to my KZ besides the obvious cams/shims, will I need springs? Ive heard of just swapping the exhaust, but I dont get the point of it, if someone can break it down for me, that would be great!
  15. AWDimprezal


    Open your mind, not your wallet! built not bought!
  16. AWDimprezal

    CB450 Needle Jet

    Have you tried going up a size or two in the pilot?
  17. AWDimprezal

    KZ750 build

    I went stock on the main (which is a 125) and a 35 on the pilot (32 is stock), stock needle at stock height, it MIGHT be a little lean up top, but the pilot is spot on. (32 is stock). I went to my local bike salvage yard and started pocketing jets and needles until I found the combo that worked...
  18. AWDimprezal

    KZ750 build

    Well, I figured since its just about halfway done now I can make a thread about it :) When I got it Little bit more work done New bars, no gauges Got a killer deal on a better (imo) looking tank As she sits right now (tail section isnt even secure, just mocking up)...
  19. AWDimprezal

    My KZ650 Cafe Build

    Nice looking bike! I have its bigger brother, the 750, I too had major issues with it running crappy, but I've since figured them out, trial and error jetting is something everyone has to experience once in life.
  20. AWDimprezal

    1983 Honda vt500 Ascot my first build

    Good luck! Looks like this one will be a little bit difficult!
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