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  1. bbqb4racin

    Official "Show off your helmet" thread

    The yellow is good looking too. Had to be red for me though. Had to make sure everything matched.
  2. bbqb4racin

    Official "Show off your helmet" thread

    All original 1989 Kenny Roberts Shoei helmet. Exterior is in decent shape still but the interior had fallen apart. I was able to refurbish the interior to make it a usable helmet again.
  3. bbqb4racin

    Rearset and drum brake leverage - confirmation my theory will work!

    Here was my answer to running rearsets with a mechanical rear brake.
  4. bbqb4racin

    XV750 Rearset brackets

    I did rearsets on my 920. Should be pretty close on the 750. Check out the videos:
  5. DSC_0107_pe2.jpg


    1983 Yamaha Virago 920
  6. P_20190101_115036 (3)_pe.jpg

    P_20190101_115036 (3)_pe.jpg

    1983 Yamaha Virago 920
  7. bbqb4racin

    Stripping anodizing from forged aluminum wheels.

    I'll be honest, I've never measured the amount of lye I use. I shake some in the water, mix it and put the part in. If the results are slow and ineffective I'll just mix in some more. Not sure if you can over due it. Never had a problem.
  8. bbqb4racin

    Stripping anodizing from forged aluminum wheels.

    I've removed anodizing many times. I dip the parts in a water and lye bath and let them soak. The parts will star to fizz then take them out, rinse and wipe them off. You may need to do this a few times till all the ano is gone.
  9. bbqb4racin

    82 XV920 adjustable rear/ air front suspensions

    I don't believe it would be worth the effort to try and sell them. I threw mine away.
  10. bbqb4racin

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    How to polish a turd! 1983 Yamaha Virago 920
  11. bbqb4racin

    Modern rearsets and drum brakes

    Look up "Wilwood" clutch slave cylinder. The real ones are in the $80 range, knockoffs around $40. I think I got mine on eBay
  12. bbqb4racin

    Modern rearsets and drum brakes

    Volume was a concern of mine for sure. After a thorough bleeding I was relieved that it worked perfectly with no issues. I rarely use rear brakes anyway but surprisingly the pedal felt great when I tried it out on the road. Zero effort to engage the rear brake. I have two videos on the GSXR...
  13. bbqb4racin

    Modern rearsets and drum brakes

    I see this subject has been brought up before but there wasn't much for results. I faced the same problem in my build and found a decent/working solution. I built a 920 Virago shaft bike. They've got the ugliest, bulkiest foot rests ever! I was determined to not mod or use them in any way...
  14. bbqb4racin

    Finished: Virago 920 Cafe

    Engine is stock. The only thing I've done is delete the air box, install velocity stacks and hand build the custom exhaust system. The power this bike makes is good enough for my son. He certainly won't get in trouble with it. BTW, I did look into performance engine pieces for this bike. They...
  15. bbqb4racin

    Finished: Virago 920 Cafe

    Been a long time since I've posted here. Thought I'd show you what I put together for my oldest son. 1983 Yamaha Virago 920. She's about finished in these pics but I also have a stack of build pics too if anyone is interested.
  16. bbqb4racin

    An affordable motorcycle school....ONLINE!!!

    A lot of shops do not give much credibility to the MMI training let alone an online course. If you're looking for some general motorcycle repair info I suppose the online course might give you some. I seriously doubt it will pave the way to employment in the industry if that's what you have in mind.
  17. bbqb4racin

    What's your favorite kind of leather riding gloves?

    Had so many pairs of gloves I've lost count. I always go for the full gauntlet style with protective knuckles. The worst, shortest lived gloves I've owned have been Alpinestars. Tried different models too. Hard to believe but they've always worn out/fallen apart way too fast. The best pair of...
  18. bbqb4racin

    Are you kidding me?

    The title should be changed to, "Are you fcking kidding me"!
  19. bbqb4racin

    My New Project: 1981 Honda CBX "school bike" - 6 cylinders of Go-power

    Those CBX tanks are very hard to find rust free or even in decent condition. Mine was awful! I had cut a good portion of the top of mine out to retro fit a GSXR filler neck. I gave it the best cleaning I could with the tank being as open as it was. Of course the final touch was tank sealer...
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