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  1. TheGypsyHead

    Mama Tried 2014

    I'll be damned, looks like I've got another one to go to then. ;)
  2. TheGypsyHead

    Mama Tried 2014

    Any Do The Toners hitting Mama Tried this year?
  3. TheGypsyHead

    1980 cb250rs

    Love it man, great transformation.
  4. TheGypsyHead

    Looking for GS450 2-1 headers...

    As the title says, I'm looking for a set of 2 into 1 headers for my '81 GS450. They don't need to be anything fancy, as they'll be sealed and wrapped, so cosmetic damage or light surface rust is no problem. PM me, with pictures if possible. Thanks! Jonny
  5. TheGypsyHead

    Wisconsin DTT Members?

    Another Milwaukee rider checking in. New to the area and bikes, working on a GS450.
  6. TheGypsyHead

    Newb, first bike

    Hey guys, I'm Jonny and I am now an addict. I bought my '81 Suzuki GS450L a few weeks ago and am hooked. I work in the maritime industry and move around a lot so it hasn't been much of an option to have a bike, let alone have a project. But, since I've taken a job in Milwaukee that will keep...
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