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    Lookover/inspection/safety and pointers wanted in NJ

    Gonna try and get out your way on my Honda, it's been in the garage since Sandy and it's due for a nice run down Navesink River Road (been riding the Triumph a lot lately). I know what you mean by needing fresh eyes.
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    New jersey DTT where u at?!

    I've bought a couple parts from the guys that hang around that area and there is a group that gets together. Me and a buddy have been down there the last couple weekends to see if we can run into anybody but no luck. It's a GREAT ride from where I am so nothing lost. Would be nice to shoot...
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    New 12.5" eye to clevis shocks (Free Shipping!)

    OK, how about $65 shipped...anyone? Brand New!
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    Mikuni 30mm carb set

    Used Mikuni 30mm carb set. Also stamped "83". They are pretty clean, no varnish or gumming. Slides move nicely. Float chambers are clean, floats are in there too. These did not come off a running bike, came with a parts lot I bought during my build. Not sure what else you'd need to set...
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    35mm Chrome Clip Ons

    Not a bad offer but I'm thinking the XS650 is a long way off so I'm not going to start accumulating stuff for it just yet. Just taking cash, sorry.
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    35mm Chrome Clip Ons

    Ran these on my Triumph for about a year and now I'm going a different route. Got them from Lowbrow Customs. Decent shape, super-slight pitting in a small area (see pic). Great score if you are on a budget. $40 plus shipping or shoot me an offer.
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    New 12.5" eye to clevis shocks (Free Shipping!)

    Installed but never run on the bike. Bought these from DCC but scored a set of Hagon's shortly after. $75 shipped to wherever you are in the USA! Does not come with the different bushings shown on DCC site, only 1 pair which fit tight on my CB450...
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    Cafe Seat Fiberglass

    I ended up not going the cafe bump route so I'm selling the seat I bought. It's a Road Race 1 seat from HotWing Glass. Check the link for specs. I did start to fit it to my bike so the nose of the seat has about 1" cut from it to make it shorter. $50 plus shipping...
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    74 CB450 Watchamacallit

    Been away for a while, too many things going on. I'm reviving this post as I can finally say I'm done. Was able to put a couple hundred miles on this and all the gremlins are gone. The big thing that held me up was a seat. Made a pan but had to sink the battery and electrics down to do what...
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    New Triumph project, advice wanted.

    The only wisdom I can pass along is think twice about trying to polish your front conical hubs, it's a nightmare!
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    New Triumph project, advice wanted.

    I've always read that my bike was the least sought after of the triumphs. It does have the lower seat and 5 spd option so that's a plus. I'd love to be fortunate enough to own a pre 70's model but I've certainly grown to love my bike and all it's shortcomings. It still gets more nods than the...
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    New Triumph project, advice wanted.

    I happen to own a 72 Bonneville and I'm about to get into the engine work. It runs strong but smokes like crazy. It doesn't pay to just do the top end on these things if you don't know the history of past work. I don't so I'm going all the way to the bottom. Out of curiosity I asked one of...
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    7" clear h4 headlight with blue running led light.

    Just sent PM...
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    Outride a Crisis - Honda CB450

    Re: Project restart CB 450 Following this one! Nice job on the polishing, looking forward to seeing what happens here.
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    76 CB360 (GrayBird)...DONE w/new pics!

    Re: 76 CB360 (GrayBird) I love this look. Colors work great!
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    1976 XS650 frame, forks, tank, aluminum wheels, and a bunch of bits attached. With a title. This friggin' craigslist app need to go.
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    74 CB450 Watchamacallit

    Got the mufflers from Dime City Cycles. Emgo "Dunstall Style Open End Mufflers". I chose them because you can open them and fiddle with the packing but these are plenty loud as stock.
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    360 swiftly

    Somehow I just discovered this build. Top notch, everything is perfect. I thought I was the only one who had to space the master cyl away from the bars. Any chances more than one spacer was made? I'd pay for one! Mine is a part of the old bars and is pretty lame. Trying my hand soon at a...
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    Melba Toast, Gs400

    Re: 1981 Suzuki Gs400- As promised Pictures! Is this bike from this board? It's perfect...was hoping to get a better look at the seat!
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