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  1. reelinfeele

    1997 Suzuki TL1000S for sale

    For sale. $3900. Central Florida. 97 TL1000s lots of period mods. Super fun and super rare. Time for something else. Hit me up for more info.
  2. reelinfeele


    Hey all, been a long time since I posted here. Thought I would show what I've been up to. 1969-70-71 A65T chopper. Dazy took me about 7 years to build.
  3. reelinfeele

    1981 GS1100 fork swap... HELP

    I've been running bandit 1200 forks and wheels for years. No handling issues at all.
  4. reelinfeele

    First bike. First build.

    Wow, a hondamatic. SeLL it.
  5. reelinfeele

    83 GS1100 hybrid sort of

    Thanks guys. I have contemplated the bikini fairing but the square lines are hard to match up. The rounded wes cooley copy just looks to round.
  6. reelinfeele

    83 GS1100 hybrid sort of

    Update after paint.
  7. reelinfeele

    83 GS1100 hybrid sort of

    it has darkened up some. started to go gold then just got darker. actually not as bad as in the pictures. BUT, I will say that the sound it makes is just plain awesome. Old superbike sound to perfection.
  8. reelinfeele

    83 GS1100 hybrid sort of

    as she sits now. Bandit 1200 suspension swap front and rear. I went with the RSU forks for the vintage look. Splurged on the ohlins rear shocks. Motowerks GP exhaust. stage 3 dyno jet kit. Dyna S iginition and KOSO gauge. Paint is next
  9. reelinfeele

    83 GS1100 hybrid sort of

    mild updates
  10. reelinfeele

    83 GS1100 hybrid sort of

    the day she came home
  11. reelinfeele

    Revival Rally 2!!!!!!!!!

    This saturday december 6th.Orlando FL 2-? vintage bikes,scooters,bands, pin up girl contest. see FB revival rally 2
  12. reelinfeele

    GS1100E resto mod

    Hey all. been a while since i have been on here. got sucked into a sport bike for a while there, but im back with a blue plate. 83 gs1100e. modern suspension and minor tweaks. this is my before.
  13. reelinfeele


    My next project. I have already started to do some stuff. I have a Bandit 1200 rear and Bandit 1200 front end for it. Waiting on a machinist friend to make the shock mounts for the rear swingarm. I want to stay with the dual shock look. 180/55 rear and 120/70 front tires. Just got the MotoGp...
  14. reelinfeele

    Central Florida/ Orlando area NEW vintage bike night

    Every Thursday night from 7pm to ? Last thursday of the month is our peoples choice bike show. The event has been growing every week it seems. We are planning a big show in November. Stay tunes for details.
  15. reelinfeele

    Tampa/St Pete riders/builders Cafe Moto club is in town

    Hey all! Cafe Moto Club now has a chapter in Tampa/St Pete.. We over 100 stong in Orlando and now have a West coast branch. One of our founders and organizers just moved over to St Pete. Check out our website We also have a meetup site, cafe moto. Check us out, we do...
  16. reelinfeele

    Central Florida/ Orlando area NEW vintage bike night

    The Sandwich Bar, Robinson St. near downtown, next door to sportstown!!! Thursday nights!! 8pm-? We had 20 bikes last week, expecting more tonight!! come on out and meet the people you didn't know were here.....
  17. reelinfeele

    Central Florida/ Orlando area NEW vintage bike night

    Hello all. Orlando now has a proper VINTAGE, Café, bobber, rat bike night!!!! The Sandwich Bar on Robinson St. near downtown Orlando. Thursday nights 7-? Just started this new night about a month ago. Every week there are more and more bikes. Tonight we have about 20 RSVP'd!!! If your in the...
  18. reelinfeele

    my SV's

    My Stella....
  19. reelinfeele

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    this followed me homelast night. i guess its time to ride a streetfighter.
  20. reelinfeele

    Suzuki GS500E 1993 a good bike?

    My first street bike was an '89 gs 500. Great bike. 89 was the only year with clip-on style bars. Bulletproof motor. Good power, handled well. I had a vance & hines pipe and some basic jetting. Was not too far behind the 600s of the time. I actually look them on craigslist all the time. Would...
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