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  1. Slice

    Black Falcon

    Their builds and parts are both amazing... -Slice
  2. Slice

    Bad news at work today - Be careful out there!

    In the news today, someone died in the no-helmet rally over the weekend... Anyone hear about it?
  3. Slice

    Age of the PNW cafe rider?

  4. Slice

    Honda Dream 150

    I have an extra carb from a CA77 Honda 305 dream, will it fit? Lower Chain Guards +1... very very hard to come by and if you do, open the wallet up. Also try this site: -Slice
  5. Slice

    JULY 2011 DTT BOTM - Congrats to Wingspan!

    Re: JULY 2011 DTT BOTM - VOTING IS OPEN! Lots of great pics... Im impressed.
  6. Slice

    Hit By Car - '75 CB200

    You are extremely lucky that you are even alive given you were not wearing a helmet... I seriously think we all need to realize the potential for injury on bikes, I dont think people are taking it seriously and cant help but find myself thinking of friends and family I have seen pass away...
  7. Slice

    Serious accident news...

    You can count me in for the get JFish some new wheels fund... I have a feeling you are going to be in good company once your surgery is done; the Pitt Crew is itching to come visit... Those guys are probably going to cause havoc in the hospital bringing beer in, wish I could be there to see it.
  8. Slice

    1977 Honda CB550 K - New Bike

    Thanks Fish! Glad to get your take on her...
  9. Slice

    help a fellow musician get his guitar back.

    If I ever found someone in my house, there would be hell to pay... I have a 120lbs wolf dog Hybrid that doesnt take kindly to strangers and a kitted out alarm system so I dont think thats going to happen any time soon. If anyone ever touched my Ovation Guitar (my father gave me) I would be out...
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    Good call - He has some serious cut-eye going on...
  11. Slice


    I would imagine that we are working on factorial math if you wanted to know this, we theoretically would continue to accelerate the creation of threads as new users and conversations continue, I would say 1/4 the time it took to get to 25,000 it will take to get to 50,000. -Slice
  12. Slice


    That cardinal looks like its going to F&*# some S@*T up.... like a dragon ball cardinal or something.
  13. Slice

    JULY 2011 DTT BOTM - Congrats to Wingspan!

    Re: JULY 2011 DTT BOTM - VOTING IS OPEN! Tough pick... I can honestly say that I would love to put around on any one of these. Amazing work to each of you - Im impressed for different reasons with each. -Slice
  14. Slice

    Serious accident news...

    If anyone sees him or talks to him, please wish him well and let him know we are keeping him in our prayers and thoughts. I am truly sorry when I hear stories like his, I wish I could do more... Rocans idea is a good one, if he decides to get back on the wheels we should chip in to help him out...
  15. Slice

    CB550F Cafe Interceptor

    Where are those bottom triples from?
  16. Slice

    Willow...An Evolution

    Re: Willow...Tank Progress The tank on this bike reminds me of the rudge that turned up in the BikeExif calendar... Its looking amazing!
  17. Slice

    I. Crashalot's Little CB350

    The top triple tree mount is amazing! Where is that from?
  18. Slice

    Do you wear gloves?

    I have lambskin shooting gloves that I wear when riding and at the range... But 99% of the time I am sporting my wrist length gloves with armour. -slice
  19. Slice

    W.E.B Tuesday night rides 2011 season

    No worries...
  20. Slice

    W.E.B Tuesday night rides 2011 season

    I am coming out there tonight... Probably be there around 7:30pm or so. A new rider (buddy from work) wants to go out there so I said I would come with him. Im a friend of RustyOlive, so i heard him talk about the West End Boys before... thought I would drop you boys a line since Im coming to...
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