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  1. ffjmoore

    ‘64 Honda S90

    Nice work, I always hate to see nice metal work covered by paint but it looks killer in that blue as well. Do you have any parts left? I just picked up a s90 to restore and need a few parts that didn't end up back on the bike you built... Like the front fender lol. Also need the chain guard.
  2. ffjmoore

    Cb200 disk brakes

    Bump, open to offers. Nobody is doing disk brake swaps on the old Honda 125s?
  3. ffjmoore

    Cb200 disk brakes

    Multiple calipers, cables, nos gaskets and pads. Disk. Looking for $120 shipped. Obo Email contact is best. Im not on here much anymore.
  4. ffjmoore

    FREE cb550 parts in fresno Ca.

    Sorry, somebody picked it all up today. All i have left is a frame that is out of the system.
  5. ffjmoore

    FREE cb550 parts in fresno Ca.

    Live near Fresno? come get a Rubbermaid or 2 of cb550 parts. I also have some wheels and seats that i will part with, at least 1 head. I have other stuff that I would want cash for but guarantee a good deal.
  6. ffjmoore

    CB650 Cam & Tach gears

    Sorry all gone.
  7. ffjmoore

    Stone's CB450 project Tamara

    Just say the word and in there. You have plenty of talent in that shop already though.
  8. ffjmoore

    CB650 Cam & Tach gears

    Here we have a CB650 cam with 2 tach gears. $170 shipped to the USA.
  9. ffjmoore

    CB550 Oil Cooler

    $70 shipped
  10. ffjmoore

    CB550 Big bore pistons 592cc

    Price drop. Piston rings are woth $100.
  11. ffjmoore

    CB550 Big bore pistons 592cc

    Article added.
  12. ffjmoore

    CB550 Carbs

    Set of carbs $75 + shipping slides are free all the parts are there 1977 550 K
  13. ffjmoore

    CB550 Big bore pistons 592cc

    Gentlmans express pistons. They have been performance coated and have deep pockets for a higher lift cam.New piston rings. Comes with wrist pins. For those that dont know, these are cb750 pistons that have been machined to fit a cb550. You will have to bore out your cylinders to fit the...
  14. ffjmoore

    CB200 '73 tracker project - DONE :D

    Hey, Great work. You have great vision and style.
  15. ffjmoore

    Hydraulic Brake conversion for the CB200, lets make a kit!!??!!

    Any picturres of your conversion?
  16. ffjmoore

    Black CB550 wheels 19" and 16"

    Still have the 19" and its just the hoop as in the last picture. No spokes or hub
  17. ffjmoore

    2014 Bike of the Month Calendar!

    What day is Saturday? I guess ill figure it out when my calender shows up.
  18. ffjmoore

    2014 Bike of the Month Calendar!

    Im in for a few. THANKS!
  19. ffjmoore

    lets see your small cafe's and mopeds

    Nice work. Do you have a link to your home made built frame? What sort of jig are you using?
  20. ffjmoore


    WOW! Thanks to all who voted. I am truly honored. What beautiful bike we had this month.
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