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    Where to buy motogadget push buttons?

    Interesting, thanks for the link. I’ll definitely check this out.
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    Where to buy motogadget push buttons?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a motogadget push button like in this link but I want it red. All they have are black and silver. I’m thinking these buttons are not specific to motogadget and I could get them elsewhere. Alternatively, it could be illuminated red. What I want is my kill switch to...
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    Disassembling DCC Gauges

    Hey guys, I have the 2.5" tach and speedo from Dime City Cycles. This kind to be exact: Anyone ever take these apart without destroying them? There are screws on the back but they don't...
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    '74 CB360 Possible Piston Ring Replacement

    I'm no expert but I've heard you can determine bad rings or valves not sealing by squirting in about a teaspoon or so of oil down the spark plug hole so it coats the top of the piston and the sides. Run the compression test again and if it doesn't increase it's not the rings and it's most likely...
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    Ha, I'm thinking of a big DTT road trip. Then politely requesting him to give me a partial refund with dozens of people and their bikes behind me. --- 1978 Honda CB550K
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    That's exactly what I want out of this post. My goal isn't to never have anyone go to this guy. As far as I know he sells parts such as jets and floats etc. but just want to tell my story and have you guys think twice about using him. Expensive lesson, yes. But it also taught me a lot about...
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    I never sent him my old set of carbs. One had a cracked body and a lot of pitting all around, plus they were giving me problems, so just decided to start fresh. I have my old set and cannibalized them for the good parts to replace the broken/questionable ones in the rack he sent me. They seem...
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    1978 CB550K Parts - You make the offer

    Or take me out to dinner, you decide. Clutch Handle: Inner Plastic Fender: Sold! Open "Muffler" Mirrors: Sold! Taillight: Gauge Bracket Thing: --- 1978 Honda CB550K
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    Hold on, I don't want anything misinterpreted. I didn't use Harisuluv over on SOHC4. He ACTUALLY does good work. This Carbjoy guy is the one who's hands should be chopped off, as xb33bsa so eloquently put it, haha. --- 1978 Honda CB550K
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    Yeah, there's a guy over on sohc4 that does beautiful work, so I'm told. Harisuluv is his handle, and he charges a little less depending on what has to be done. I assumed this guy did the same quality work and the price then matched up since he had to use a rack that he had. But all in all...
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    1978 cb550 rattle under load. Any help?

    But as Levar Burton says, "Don't take my word for it." --- 1978 Honda CB550K
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    1978 cb550 rattle under load. Any help?

    Cam chain tensioner of my '78 CB550K Disclaimer: I didn't put my motor at 15° 1-4 TDC. Don't think it'll matter too much, though. I think your tensioner is crapped and you want to die. But seriously, I hear you can replace that with the motor in. But, just so you...
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    Thanks Sonic. I posted this over in SOHC4 and some guys say the same as you and some say to just replace them with the good ones. Considering that these might not even be the matches slides for this rack anyway, I'm going to change them out for piece of mind. But I'll hold on to them and have...
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    Anyone use him? He goes by either: or I found this website and all seemed good. Spoke to the guy on the phone and he seemed knowledgeable on carbs. My rack wasn't rebuildable. Cracks and a lot of pitting. So I asked if he has a rack he could rebuild...
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    Anybody have any opinions on this sealant?

    Ah, ok makes sense. Thanks a lot for the clarification. --- 1978 Honda CB550K
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    Anybody have any opinions on this sealant?

    Hey guys, while you're talking about this... I'm going to start a tear down of my '78 CB550k, and it's my first go at it. I'll definitely look into Loctite 518, but what's confusing to me is WHEN I'm supposed to use a sealer or just go dry. Do I add anything to the head gasket surfaces when I...
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    1974 CL200 Exhaust Stud Length

    Hey guys, I'm out with my friend right now and trying to tap and helicoil his broken exhaust stud. How deep do I need to go? I'm curious if anyone knows the length of the threaded part that goes into the engine. Thanks --- 1978 Honda CB550K
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    78' CB550 4:4 exhaust, engine, sidecovers, lights, etc!

    Oh no thanks. I'm all set! Thanks dude
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    78' CB550 4:4 exhaust, engine, sidecovers, lights, etc!

    Thanks for the exhaust and fender! Just came from FedEx. I'll be cleaning these up real nice. Although I thought I was getting the collars, too. Didn't see them in the box. No worries though. Thanks for selling.
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    Looking for brat seat CB350

    I'm sure the DCC seat will be great. It was too expensive for me and I wanted real leather with a worn look so I just did it myself. Making the seat pan. Added alignment studs and a black backing to the fiberglass. Then used spray adhesive and laid the foam (high dense and low dense) and...
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