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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    When I first got the bike I got rid of the EGR stuff, changed to OO Racing header and emgo reverse cone muffler with two stroke packing. At that point I rejetted the standard carb. Jets 100 Keihin, 48 OO Racing For this 150 upgrade, I re-used the 125cc head as I had heard that is a better way...
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Thanks Alex, I am all done. It is running great. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Ace 50 Slowverland trip. QLD > SA

    Great plan. If it is new, be sure to get the dealer to: Check the spokes are tight and the wheels are true Check nuts and bolts are tight according to the torque settings in spreadsheet below Check that the front pads are not rubbing on an out of true front disk (get them to push the bike...
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    new, ideas for tires?

    Pretty good list here M45s for me and lots of the earlier purchasers of the Ace. Lots of variants since then. Cheers Richard
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Finally putting my Skyteam Ace 125 => 150 back together. Have been too busy riding my big bike, so the Ace has sat for months with piston rod waiting for the new 150cc piston and cylinder. I didn't take photos when I disassembled, damn it. Not overly sure that I have got the dowels right...
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    Hi everyone

    If you do start adjusting the carb take a look in here... Cheers Richard
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    Lifan 150cc big-bore kit: Installation

    And if like my kit, your rings are not fitted on arrival..... Steps 1-3 1. Fit the corrugated type ring first, its actually an inverted T shape, so has to go in first to allow the two thin oil rings to fit in either side afterwards. 2. Fit the dark ring (D) facing up in the second groove. 3...
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    Skyteam Ace Build Database

    Good stuff, thanks for that. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    On line review...
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    Paint it black

    I say paint it! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    new member, been looking!

    I have these on the way to give a little more room.
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    This spreadsheet?
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    Template for Skyteam Ace mudguard and under seat tray

    Just picked up some aluminium for NZ$3 at a scrap metal place while I was passing. So while I have the bike stripped down for the 150 upgrade I will make up a mudguard and tray for under the seat to protect the electrics. At the moment I am running with this removed. I know I could make up a...
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Hi Coddex Check out this post... Cheers Richard
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    Some first impressions about my new Ace

    Yep back to the dealer for sure. From my 125 Ace, I get 175kms pretty much exactly every time until I have to swing the fuel tap up to reserve setting. If you keep an eye on the trip meter you know this is coming and can switch to reserve as you feel it running out of gas. So i guess if that...
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    Skyteam Ace Build Database

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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Suggest you work your way through this... There are multiple sheets on this spreadsheet on different topics, look along the bottom. Hope it helps. Cheers Richard
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Looking good Kevmaster :-)
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Welcome to the Skyteam team. Hard to know if your bike still has the standard exhaust or a different one. You will need to measure the diameter of the tube at the end where the muffler fits on to know what adapter you may need. Post a pic on here to show the exhaust, if it is the original...
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    Gearing, colour and a couple more questions.

    Firstly what sprockets is everyone running front and back with the 150cc bore. I don't plan to put the head on as I think the difference with this will be minimal. I plan to shave my frame...
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