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  1. pawn

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    yeah bud did you sell it?
  2. pawn

    Bad back and other bad news

    you're lucky they weren't hex screws!
  3. pawn

    Britjoe Back

    old topic, just wanted to say I dig this bike. I have a non-running 997 srad in my back yard I'm finally getting around to (albeit extremely lackadaisically). It has body damage, so I will be doing the go-to street fighter approach somewhat. No performance mods to speak of.
  4. pawn

    Does anyone ride a motorcycle exclusively for transportation?

    Im in Miami, so maybe it doesn't count for some since we don't get cold here (although I've ridden here in 38 degrees in 2011 which was a record low.) We get torrential rain in the summer which is not that fun. I got a rain suit from jafrum for cheap, some waterproof over the shoe boots and...
  5. pawn

    Bad back and other bad news

    thanks for getting back to me. Overall it sounds like you're better than before the surgery. Best wishes on your road to recovery man!
  6. pawn

    Bad back and other bad news

    I had an x-ray done three months ago, though not laying fetal or fully extended. It did reveal that I had broken my back at some point though. I guess I fractured a vertebrae and never knew I did, but it has exacerbated the problem I have, or better described as compounded my issues. I also have...
  7. pawn

    Bad back and other bad news

    I know it's only a few days later, but how are you feeling now? I get an MRI today after work. I've been dealing with severe back pain related to bulging discs in l4, l5, and s1 region due to ligament laxity that caused me to dislocate my back in 2004 (or '05 I can't actually remember well...
  8. pawn

    1962 BSA DBD34 Gold Star restoration (1000 miles and more)

    Re: 1962 BSA DBD34 Gold Star restoration (SHE'S ALIVE!!!!.) PERFECT.
  9. pawn

    Funny dropping bike stories

    When I was 19 I borrowed my dads bike to ride from the Jersey shore to Philadelphia at 1:00 am because I had to be in town the next day and thought I'd rather ride than drive. I was trying to be quiet when taking the bike out from the back of the house so I didn't start it up, but rather...
  10. pawn

    91' nighthawk brat/cafe never seen this before

    looks great.
  11. pawn

    Daily Devil Helmet skateboard

    I posted a mockup a while back, but the manufacturer only got around to producing these now. The artwork is from my Daily Devil series (2010-2011) of which a helmet was illustrated, and is now owned by one of our own on these boards, Mr. Dock. It differs in color from the original though, as...
  12. pawn

    Any GSXR experience?

    They aren't the prettiest, but 120hp is something I can't refuse.
  13. pawn

    Any GSXR experience?

    Yeah that's the best looking frame of the GSXR's...I didn't have the choice since the one I got was given to me.
  14. pawn

    Any GSXR experience?

    Pretty much except for the busa headlight. Going with a 7" round generic headlight. Current issue is the tumblers are seized so I can't remove the rear cowl. I've tried various lubricants and penetrating oils, but both (ignition and under tail) tumblers are completely seized. Anyone have a good...
  15. pawn

    Any GSXR experience?

    Rolled the bike over this morning. My brother in law couldn't find the key so we just pushed it over and made sure the engine still turns over. I'll be tripping it down. Fork seals are totally shot, as is pretty much any exposed rubber. Tank is shot as well. Once he finds the key I'll see if I...
  16. pawn

    Douchebag father in-law

    i have a salvadoran father in law who loves wine but can't fix a flat. He's the best though. Other advice in this thread is spot on I think. Appeal to him through beverage or grub.
  17. pawn

    Seal in that rusty tank goodness

    if you're trying to get a rust color then you have to rust the tank. If you do it this way it will create a layer that doesn't break down as quickly as leaving it just open to air, and the rust itself creates a layer on top of the metal, similar to that steel building in pittsburgh: wash the...
  18. pawn

    Any GSXR experience?

    From what I've gleaned, guys are drilling their top clamp, sandwiching plates to disperse load and adding risers to mount MX bars on the gsxr's and other bikes that don't have riser placement in their triples. The '97 era frame is pretty ugly, and the tank looks massive. Everything about it is...
  19. pawn

    Any GSXR experience?

    Thanks! I will post in here or pm the two of you when questions arise. I'll be rolling the bike over on Sunday. The other day didn't work out bringing it over. What do you mean pj about Katana/Bandit style?
  20. pawn

    Any GSXR experience?

    That's the idea J-Rod10! 120hp is way more than I need, but it will be fun to have. Anyone have any good pictures of clean GSXR's?
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