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    GS500 Help

    Bingo. You need that in there!
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    CB900C or CB750K

    Purely from a value standpoint, the SOHC Hondas will always be worth more than the equivalent DOHC variant (excluding the 1100RC of course).
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    Kartoon Korner!

    In light of recent events with the US embassy in Jerusalem....
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    KZ750E 1980

    MC's come in different sizes - it will be stamped on your original MC what the size is. You need to match this with the new one. I'm guessing the one's you've tried are too small.
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    YZF750/1000R - The Fly 5

    Same thing happened to me on my FJ1200 - oil light comes on...time to change underwear... ;D The annoying thing about the FJ is the low fuel light is also red - it came on one night and I'm thinking it's the oil light and expecting to see a hole in the cases or something >:(
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    Finally bought a timing if I could just figure out how to use it.

    And yes - you rotate the points plate to adjust the timing.
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    Shaft vs Bike Age

    The Seca 750 was a really capable bike and on the street would outperform most of the other 750s of the day. Unfortunately Yamaha hit it with the ugly stick and it never got the credit it deserved. But yeah - if you want to cut one up and swap wheels it's harder with a shaft drive bike. But...
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    twin 4 pot R1 calipers touching spokes - TR1 cafe build

    You can safely take a mm of two off the inside of the calipers.
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    Reusing the instrument cluster diodes

    We'd probably need more info, but the KZ400 had a single indicator idiot light, so the diodes may be for that. If you can trace the wires colours through a wiring schematic that will probably tell you why they are there.
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    Forget everything you know about motorcycling

    Kinda reminds me of this:
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    The Amalgam: honda past meets present, take 2! or 3?

    Bigger front and rear sprockets.
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    Brake Swap Clearance Question

    Having the pistons / pads sit properly over the face of the disc is ideally what you are after. Other than that, I'd say you wouldn't want too much less than about 4 or 5mm - especially with a floating caliper.
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    First project - what next?

    The thing about running 4 strokes without oil and seizing them is it's normally not just a case of a new piston and hone - it's more than likely a shot cam, lifters, big/small end and crank as well. No harm in taking what you've got apart of course - but ultimately putting in a Lifan would...
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    If the bike has been sitting for a time the clutch plates will stick together and spin the wheel like you have described. As long as the clutch works with the wheel on the ground this is normal. Dont try and stop the moving wheel with your hands. As for your neutral light, I suspect you...
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    Ural 2WD project

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    2002 Honda CBR F2 front end swap

    Quite a common mod to use CBR front and rear ends on the F models:
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    2002 Honda CBR F2 front end swap

    Have a look over here: From what I can gather the CBR and your 900c run the same steering bearings so you can direct swap the entire CBR front end into the 900c. Better brakes, tyre choice, etc right there. Rear wheel will probably...
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    1991 Slingshot

    Not sure if you were already thinking this way but weld on some mounts for the subframe so you can manufacture a removable one. It's far easier to fab / modify a removable subframe than one that's welded directly to the chassis.
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    Picture of your Fridge Thread

    I wanna build one of these one day - shame I sold my 810 cab.....
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    1983 GS650 leaking gas out of carb intakes

    Did you replace the o rings on the float valve seats? If they are shrivelled or torn gas will pour in to the bowls and floats wont stop it.
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