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  1. cervin

    helmet stolen

    LOL ill get to the bottom of this!
  2. cervin

    All Illinois/Chicago/General Area people sign in here !!

    where in the south side you at man? Im down for a ride!
  3. cervin

    Faux leather fashion Moto jackets. 25$ each.

    im interested in the second one! got anymore photos of it? I'm in chicago illinois so how much would shipping amount to?
  4. cervin

    My Honda CB77 CR & Ducati M160 CR

    awesome bikes you guys are from the philippines right? :D
  5. cervin

    helmet stolen

    to be honest I do feel stupid leaving it there, but I suppose I was just leaning towards the hope of goodness of others? I mean seriously, if you see someone teaching someone how to ride a motorcycle and the next thought you have is "oh free helmet"- how did it come to this :( i would feel...
  6. cervin

    helmet stolen

    ughhhh this is just a rant post i was teaching a friend of mine how to ride a motorcycle so I decided to place my brand new biltwell hustler helmet with the bubbleshield on the tarmac so i dont have to carry it around we're practicing on the parking lot when literally 5mins later its gone...
  7. cervin

    Back to the Future Build - Honda CJ360

    hoorah another cj!
  8. cervin

    All Illinois/Chicago/General Area people sign in here !!

    did you guys decide on a meet time/spot yet? im definately in ;D
  9. cervin

    Repair help? :-\

    Alright, first off- I'm really new to the repair scene... I'm just looking to find some help to get rid of this noise on the top end of my CJ360! She runs fine and everything, the clicking and clacking just gets real irritating.. ANyways, I was just wondering if anyone around the Chicago area...
  10. cervin

    72 CL350 Winter Build...DONE w/ New Pics!

    turned really great man!
  11. cervin

    laceing and truing question/help me

    thats why I dont trust shops anymore :( really have to know them to trust them
  12. cervin

    72 CL350 Build - Done!!!! - lots of pics

    Re: 72 CL350 Build - updated pics and progress 3/24/12 ohh snap! Im headed there this week, I might just take you up on that offer!
  13. cervin


    thats a bit much! haha but I guess if you have $12k to blow you might have some fat profit by parting them out or something, keeping a few for personal collection and all...
  14. cervin

    The Beginning Of "The Fish Bike"

    baahaah im curious to see where this goes!
  15. cervin

    72 CL350 Build - Done!!!! - lots of pics

    Re: 72 CL350 Build - updated pics and progress 3/24/12 Awesome CL! Great attention to detail! also, you're my girlfriends neighbor and I'm always around huntley area stalker status haha maybe we can ride together sometime! ;D ;D
  16. cervin

    Sibling Rivalry

    looks great lovin that CL
  17. cervin

    Where did you buy your tires?

    I havent decided what tire to get yet, but im looking at a more vintage-esque look like firestone champs or something
  18. cervin

    Where did you buy your tires?

    No seriously, where? I'm shopping right now and I'm just lookin around for the best deals? Im broke as hell man, and these tires are making me nervous
  19. cervin

    72 CL350 - Loft Build: Updated!

    yea dude looks great! making good progress- I'm almost finished with mine as well, hopefully we'll be able to ride together the weathers turning good!
  20. cervin

    Greetings from Chicago [Honda CJ360t] Testing out the new video recorder as well :D
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