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  1. boingk

    Blue Haze - a two-stroke miscellany

    Yeah the Sunday film is a kicker, only seen bits but keep meaning to buy the DVD. The four-stroke he's riding in that clip is wicked, too. Sadly most two stroke dirt bikes end up like this: Not this one, though, she's getting fixed up and the owner gave me all the road legal gear from her...
  2. boingk

    Blue Haze - a two-stroke miscellany

    That's one of the most awesome things I've seen in a long, long time! Credit to the man, would have taken a lot of skill to ride that. I've just picked up a late 70's Suzuki TS185 and am looking to modify it for road use rather than trail. Should be fun! Its good to be back on DTT. - boingk
  3. boingk

    Bike for an amputee

    Hi there mate, a few racers here down under use a 'clake' - a combined clutch and brake setup. Each is actuated by an individual lever, but are set up so they can be accessed simultaneously with the left hand. This is mainly for riders with injured feet and minimal movement in their ankle, but...
  4. boingk

    air box to cone filter

    Hi mate for a reasonable exhaust like a 4-1 or higher flow 2-1 system plus podfilters I'd recommend jetting around 15% or so over standard to start with. So a #100 main jet becomes a #115, etc. That'll give out a decent place t start and get the bike running, anyway. I would also recommend...
  5. boingk

    First world problems...

    Hahaha... nice! Love it when this happens, everyone onto the same weird thought at once. Too bad my horribly glaring spelling mistake is now quoted several times :S - boingk
  6. boingk

    hey noobs

    Nicely Offering Original Birdbrained Speech. NOOBS. Man I wish some people would just read and study proven facts before asking some questions. And, yes, I hate it when people refer to themselves as a 'noob'. - boingk
  7. boingk

    First world problems...

    If she wore the dress in... ...what did she ware out?? - boingk EDIT: Should be 'Wear' not 'Ware'... dammit.
  8. boingk

    "Christine" I swear this RD is possessed!!

    Place a placard on the inside of the tail unit in aluminum plate reading: Exorcisms to date: I That really sucks man. - boingk
  9. boingk

    What's your favorite kind of leather riding gloves?

    Need to post photos of mine later, one is a simple leather single-layer with palm protection and the other Rocket CF Specials... or something. - boingk
  10. boingk

    First cafe *Kick the noob*

    As far as I know, in the UK you're limited to 125cc and 15hp or so, then graduate to 250cc and 33hp before full licencing. Either way, I would highly recommend starting on a machine between 250 and 600cc with between 30 and 50hp. Anything more will lead to poor ridind style due to relying on...
  11. boingk

    Refund Check

    Haha, thanks I guess! I suppose if you work hard and keep existing debts under control then the banks are willing to lend you more. Not that I always use increases, but they may come in handy if something unplanned happens. Already have for repairs/bills/etc. Anwho, hope you have a good time...
  12. boingk

    The necessity of kill switches on older bikes..

    Nice... in my line of work (bar manager) its probably a bit less complicated. Most of my decisions are in the 'here and now' kind of environment, especially when its busy; are we stocked, do glasses need collecting, can I help the bistro, are the staff where they need to be, does anyone need...
  13. boingk

    Refund Check

    Yeah its a bit of a bummer. Feels awesome to go riding after sticking it to the banks by paying off a debt years ahead of schedule though - my refund last year got my student loan gone for good, and my credit card is next on the hit list as its 7k. My aeroplane owes 14k but thats should reduce...
  14. boingk

    Top 10 Hipster Motorcycles!!!

    troybilt and VonYinzer - well freaking said. I work my ass off at nights behind a bartop and have a vintage car, two bikes and an aeroplane to show for it. If somone wants to forsake me for that I couldn't give a flying f***. If anyone wants to have a go at somone for liking something or being...
  15. boingk

    Refund Check

    3/4's on outstanding debts and 1/4 on something cool. You'll like the results down the track if you get good at doing it now. - boingk
  16. boingk

    The necessity of kill switches on older bikes..

    Best. Quote. Ever. Did you see 'Looper' by any chance? - boingk
  17. boingk

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Thanks jimmer, mind you I am only 24 and am yet to propose to my girlfriend of almost a year and a half now. Our plans definitely include kids once we get houses and careers set up properly, though. My dream builds are these: Specifically this one: Its built out of...
  18. boingk

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Cheers mate! I'd check for some ideas and builds... but a good one to build with your kids can be found here: It needs 2 sheets of 8x4 ply, some lumber and I'd highly recommend screwing and glueing using stainless or bronze screws and...
  19. boingk

    Fiberglass tanks and todays fuel?

    Ranger - thats freakin' sweet! Good to hear she's holding up well, and black is a traditionally very hard colour on glasses as well (why d'you think aeroplanes are white?) so its really the ultimate test. Let us know if you have any problems, she looks very nice. - boingk
  20. boingk

    Anyone tried this?

    Was definitely considering DanMoto's for my older CBR, they sound good and the welds don't look too bad either. My only worry would be long term quality - how're they going to be looking after 5 years or so? Anywho the gauges look nice, I dig the Acewell style one a lot! - boingk EDIT: Oh...
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