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  1. phxtoad

    Feelings on Nighthawk 700S

    I had one for a spell that I nursed back to life. Numerous electrical issues. I always loved the styling, but found the performance a bit bland. But I didn't really try to upgrade it though. Todd
  2. phxtoad

    Buell plate

    So my new license plate showed-up for my XB12... "It's so choice. If you get the chance, I highly recommend picking one up..." bomp bomp. chik... chicka chickahhh Danke schoen!
  3. phxtoad

    Lulubelle is gone...

    I'm sad to report that Lulubelle, my SV650 has been sold. Over the last couple months I've been searching for something new for my paddock. My intent was to officially have the start of a 'collection' anchored by my SV. This little nugget appeared on CL locally and I took her for a spin. I...
  4. phxtoad

    Well, huh... I just might be a dumb-ass.

    Shirts ready yet? Todd
  5. phxtoad

    Is this what it is supposed to feel like?

    You've been spoiled by your SV's low end. :( Todd
  6. phxtoad

    '98 Ducati ST2

    Anyone have any opinions about a '98 Ducati ST2? I've read about the electrical issues. I have a line on an attractive one for a good price. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks, Todd
  7. phxtoad

    Classic Motorcycle Sales Scams

    Yeah - A couple weeks back I saw an ad for sweet airhead for sale locally for not much and I was ready to pounce - cash in hand. I replied that night, got excited and mentally prepared myself for my possible new toy. So I started researching airheads more and noticed the same images from the...
  8. phxtoad

    Well, huh... I just might be a dumb-ass.

    XXL for me. please! Todd
  9. phxtoad

    Well, huh... I just might be a dumb-ass.

    Make a run of the Kid's design regardless. I'm in for an XXL. I think it would look great on the back of a white T-shirt, with the same text (only) over the front left breast. It's a simple and unique design. Todd
  10. phxtoad

    Anyone in Moab?

    I recommend going up Long Canyon to Gemini Bridges and Fins and Things / Porcupine Rim Todd
  11. phxtoad

    This is a "StreetFighter"

    I'd ride that to work (fast).
  12. phxtoad

    What bike did you learn to ride on?

    Learned to ride on this 1985 Honda V30 Magna. Also learned to crash on this 1985 Honda V30 Magna (note tank dent) Todd
  13. phxtoad

    Care to share a little inspiration?

    That's awesome. But I don't think he should park there...
  14. phxtoad

    hobbies outside of the lifestyle?

    Chasing my daughter Chasing my wife Flying airplanes Driving Jeeps Shooting guns (If I could somehow combine most of these, it sure would save a lot of my time...)
  15. phxtoad

    Lulubelle is complete

    The last couple months I've been compiling the parts for a bar swap but realized I lacked the time to get it done myself. So last week it was off to the shop, and presto! Superbike bars. Such a difference! The riding position is almost dirt-bike-ish now and the SV is entirely flickable...
  16. phxtoad

    Best review ever...

    That made my day. Thanks.
  17. phxtoad

    Learning from our mistakes OR shit not ta do

    Back when I installed a ZX14 rear shock on my SV650... ...Of course as I usually do, I had a momentary lapse of reason along the way. I used a heavy duty ratchet strap to suspend the rear end. I had to run out to get a longer bottom shock bolt though. So thinking it might be better to get...
  18. phxtoad

    Who has a Wrangler?

    This is the wife's '95 YJ which she's had since then. I get to drive it and mod it though. This is an older pic, now equipped with a Warm M8000. I also just had 4.10's and a Tru Trac installed up front.
  19. phxtoad

    Care to share a little inspiration?

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