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  1. Domiken

    1974 Suzuki GT250 Hustler (2-Stroke) - NYC

    Here's the info: Any questions, feel free to ask.
  2. Domiken

    Hello from NYC - Suzuki GT250

    Bike is for sale: If anyone is interested.
  3. Domiken

    NYC meets up...

    Its needs to stop snowing already...
  4. Domiken

    Ace 50 Salt Lake Racer

    I like the new frame color, bike looks great dude
  5. Domiken

    doing stuff some people say you can't do

    Nice man
  6. Domiken

    Anyone else ever thought of one of these??? JDM Mini-Truck

    My old car engine builder had one of those, swore by them, they are super reliable, easy to fix, and are cheap but hard to find.
  7. Domiken

    "Patina" The 1973 CB175 Cafe Racer

    Very nice 8)
  8. Domiken

    No title inherited bike from uncle.

    Very simple, VT transferable registration all done through the mail if 250cc and under. Over 250cc you'll need a vin check.
  9. Domiken

    Laser Etched Moto Key Chains Cheapy Cheap

    These look great, ill be PMing you soon about custom order
  10. Domiken

    1971 CL350 mild build - NYC

    Any other updates Jay?
  11. Domiken

    YANX 600 Yamaha XJ(FJ) 600 Goes Cafe

    What a transformation, looking great!
  12. Domiken

    GT250. Cafe racer build

    Subscribing, beautiful build so far.
  13. Domiken

    Hello from NYC - Suzuki GT250

    Bike is running like a champ! Figured I would post up about it. Need to polish the engine, but so far it has been running pristine. For anyone in the area, check out Taka @ Peak Point, he diagnosed and fixed the little engine issues I had that I could not figure out. Bike is running...
  14. Domiken

    My quest to learn to pinstripe.

    Looking great so far, well done!
  15. Domiken

    1971 CL350 mild build - NYC

    Making some progress!! Looking good! Let me know when you get her running.
  16. Domiken

    Hello from NYC - Suzuki GT250

    Thanks man, good luck on finishing your build.
  17. Domiken

    Hello from NYC - Suzuki GT250

    Bike is done, too bad I cannot ride it just yet. I will post daytime photos eventually. The bike needs a few more odds and ends like polishing, a better cleanup, new seat, and a couple of other goodies. But it is perfectly rideable and ready to go!
  18. Domiken

    Hello from NYC - Suzuki GT250

    Almost done with the bike, I ordered a custom steel braided line from HEL that is too long (made for the stock bars), but ill just wrap it on one side of the headlight. Still need to bring the headlight up a bit and I will be going back to the original bars. These bars are supposed to be...
  19. Domiken

    Father Son 75 CB200T Rise From the Ruins

    Well done, loving this build! Looks great!
  20. Domiken

    Motorcycle Carburetor Theory 101

    Thank You! Well done
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