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  1. mikeadamstattoo

    Sportster tank on a rebel 450. Help!

    Hey guys, I just got a sportster tank for my rebel 450. I already know that a sporades tank's tunnel is too skinny for a rebel frame but whatever I'm fine, I'm making special mounting tabs. My question is, the rebel petcock has these two weird smaller vent holes on them, one has a tube going to...
  2. mikeadamstattoo

    Help me formulate a plan.

    My cl125 is a single and I feel it's much easier maintenance and easier everything
  3. mikeadamstattoo

    My Multiple Bike Syndrome is acting up again!

    Sell it for $1200 and buy something you really want
  4. mikeadamstattoo

    1974 cl125 (going cafe now)

    So first thing I'm doing is either trying to get s new key made, or do a new ignition. I ordered some club mans. My last cafe (gs550) was so heavy that club mans made me feel like I had no control over it so I went with drag bars. But I flipped the "super bike" low rise bars I had on it now last...
  5. mikeadamstattoo

    1974 cl125 (going cafe now)

    Re: 1974 cl125 (here she is!) Soooooo I said screw it and I'm going cafe with her. I originally thought she was too small to cafe but I don't care. I'm a small guy. I can run club mans on this thing with stock foot pegs and don't even hit my knees on a full locked turn. Its been sitting without...
  6. mikeadamstattoo

    71 cb350. Warm Beer.

    So awesome
  7. mikeadamstattoo

    69 CB175 cafe, no nickname yet...

    No photos but I've gone through and rejected the short pipes, had some help rebuilding the starter and got it running and charging as well as new fuel lines and got a kicker on it too now. I'm gonna most likely go with a metallic dark grey/silver. Thinking of a name. Midnight eye? Off of the...
  8. mikeadamstattoo

    What's your dream donor bike?
  9. mikeadamstattoo

    Possibly the most annyoing thing.

    well. better than them putting the clubmans on upside down right? (see pic below) maybe thats more comfortable for them though? who knows. its all personal preference right? thats why we take stock bikes, clean them up and have our way with them.
  10. mikeadamstattoo

    Goldwing is on the road, Flat out... GL1100 (vid)

    Looks awesome! A lot different than my parents gold wing haha
  11. mikeadamstattoo

    lets see your small cafe's and mopeds

    I love small displacement bikes more than anything! I never saw puch magnums till tonight and I need one so bad. Ugh. Here's my cl125, a cb175 is in the works this winter
  12. mikeadamstattoo

    CB350F Cafe

  13. mikeadamstattoo

    Stolen Bike in Calgary

    Fucking thieves. I hope they find it in tact. Ugh, I work in downtown Detroit and two days ago my window was smashed and they stole my cd player. I would ride to work, but only if I feel like walking home that day. But, maybe xzibit will return it to him with a fish tank and a bowling alley...
  14. mikeadamstattoo

    '71 CB175 - Cafe Project

    Very cool! I've always been more of a fan of drag bars like that. Did that on my last build and I'll be doing them on the cb175 I'm starting soon
  15. mikeadamstattoo

    Went to Honda Heaven Saturday

    no pictures!?
  16. mikeadamstattoo

    its been forever!

    more the merrier
  17. mikeadamstattoo

    its been forever!

    shit yeah! do it! i need a nickname for mine. im thinking "midnight eye", after the doomriders song since ill be most likely doing it dark grey metallic midnight blah blah in color. hmm? when i listen to doomriders i want to ride motorcycles very fast and destroy everything..
  18. mikeadamstattoo

    its been forever!

    ive been waiting dude! im 4 hours from pittsburgh. not bad at all. i had a kid take a train from wisconsin two weeks ago for an appt, and some kids are driving up from texas next month for appointments! heres the next project. cb175 cafe..
  19. mikeadamstattoo

    69 CB175 cafe, no nickname yet...

    hey all. its been forever. in the time of me being MIA i aquired two cb175's. a lot of you probably remember my 78 gs550 cafe build. it was my first true on road motorcycle besides the several dirtbikes ive owned in the past. it was also my first cafe build, and while it was fun, and looked...
  20. mikeadamstattoo

    its been forever!

    sunny and 55 today here dude! i finally finished up the bobber for now and did 50 miles on it today. here it is finished.. and heres the new studio..
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