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  1. Beaner242

    New from the MidWest

    Welcome to the forum. I have a 81 GS550T that im working on now. Havent got to ride it yet :-\
  2. Beaner242

    Confederate hellcat cafe bobber seat

    Is this the Confederate Cycles in Alabama? I know one of the guys that work there.
  3. Beaner242

    Dyeing Pod Filters?

    Warranty on pod filters? I didn't eve know I had a warranty on mine? ;D
  4. Beaner242

    $20 front fender...

    looks good. great price.
  5. Beaner242

    Confederate hellcat cafe bobber seat

    Very nice metal work. love the look
  6. Beaner242

    Headlight plug melting! HELP!

    Thanks Sonreir. The bulb that was in it was a 55/60 watt. Since I broke that headlight I put the stock one back in with the original bulb so I am going to check it periodically to see what happens.
  7. Beaner242

    Headlight plug melting! HELP!

    This is the second plug I have had to replace. I checked the voltage with the bike off and with it running and it reads 14.5 volts at the plug. I had replaced the original headlight with one that had built in LED blinkers. It was cheap off EBAY so I thought maybe the bulb was funky also. The...
  8. Beaner242

    New from Missouri

    Nice clean bike. Im from Bonne Terre. 60 miles south of st Louis. Look me up if you get over this way.
  9. Beaner242

    Good morning for a ride...

    Which bike was that? Love the sound of it. :D
  10. Beaner242

    Anatomy of a tank build in pics

    Awesome. Did you flip the pieces and re weld them or form new pieces
  11. Beaner242

    81 Suzuki 550T build

    OK. got the button thing figured out. Now the problem is gas pouring out of carbs on the filter side. I set the float levels per the instructions I got on basscliffs website which was 7/8th of an inch. looking in the Haynes manual I got it says 1.02 inches? which one do I go by? What is the...
  12. Beaner242

    81 Suzuki 550T build

    Ghaaaaaaaa! Bad starter button. Now to figure out why
  13. Beaner242

    81 Suzuki 550T build

    Yes Mechdesign, with my cheap meter I am getting between 14-15 volts at the starter button on the orange w/white wire. Should the green and yellow wire coming of the solenoid have any voltage running through it with the key on?
  14. Beaner242

    81 Suzuki 550T build

    Picked this bike up cheap after it had been setting for years. Previous owner could not get it to fire so he stripped the harness to re-do it. I have bike mostly back together and after much tracing and looking cross eyed at the wiring schematic, I cant get it to turn over with the starter...
  15. Beaner242

    Do NOT buy this LED integrated taillight (get what ya pay for)

    I have had that light on my bike for well over 6 month with zero issues so far. Maybe I was lucky and got a good one? I'm using the brake and tail light part, no blinkers yet. Maybe that's the difference?
  16. Beaner242

    CB550 Parts

    how much for the gauges shipped to 63628
  17. Beaner242

    1975 kz400 needs some tuning

    Nice bike. First thing I would do is get rid of that filter. They are crap, I know from experience. Not sure about the carb being the right size, but someone on here will be able to help you with that. Good luck.
  18. Beaner242

    East Missouri rollcall

    Bonne Terre here.
  19. Beaner242

    80 kz440a build

    Looks good so far. Keep the updates coming.
  20. Beaner242

    CB750 Tracker First Build

    Great start. Being that organized isn't a bad thing. I wish I was more organized but like to get in a hurry. ::)
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