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  1. seven54

    Speedo Drive (kph vs mph)

    You should be able to get a sticker to apply to your gauge. Check Ebay
  2. seven54

    1977 CB750 cafe racer build

    Love everything about this bike, except for the chrome chain guard. Should be removed or painted black.......
  3. seven54

    Cafe or Restore??? A Builder's Rant...

    Cafestore it.....
  4. seven54

    Help!! smoke from my '72 CB350

    Sounds like you've added too much oil........
  5. seven54

    TAO --- The South Seattle Cafe Project

    Re: The South Seattle CB750 F3 project - FORKS + REARSETS = DONE WOW! Version 2 looks even awesomer!!!! Just one thing B, so why no black paint for the carb bodies? Cheers
  6. seven54

    Quad exhaust to a 4 into 1... doable? Please help.

    Much easier to buy them of the shelf. Oh and baffles not only reduce noise but maximise mid range power, when compared to a straight pipe, by reducing back pressure.
  7. seven54

    Few pics of Cafe Fabrications parts we will be offering.

    Hats off to ya, Buddy. Just beautiful work. Would be great if you could make the aluminium tank generic and then make different install, and cover kits to fit the most common bikes. Cheers
  8. seven54

    cb650 cafe seat

    Looking Good there Jason, Would like to view a pic from the rear to see your taillight set up. What are you using for a seat pad? I would just spray the back of the rego plate black to make it blend in a bit.... Cheers
  9. seven54

    Simple mount plate idea for CB 750's

    That's easy, Just take off the brake lever and attach a new small lever (you can get these at Fast from the Past) onto the actuating rod. Connect a linkage rod from the brake lever to the rearset lever and you're done. Cheers
  10. seven54

    Simple mount plate idea for CB 750's

    Looks like a factory finish there mate, I'm jealous..... Your pegs are mounted fairly low so I'd say you are pretty long legged. I'm currently getting a mate, who has a laser cutter, to make me some plates. You should probably start a new post on the SOHC 4 forums and see how much interest...
  11. seven54

    Cafe Racer Music?

    Don't mind this one......Cherry BOMB!! The Runaways - Cherry Bomb [Good Quality]
  12. seven54

    Simple mount plate idea for CB 750's

    Oh you know Bunnings I did go there and get a couple of U-Bolts. Not perfect size but that's all I could find for now. I wish we had Bolt-Depot here, they have got it all. Have made up a list of required items from their stock catalogue, but they will not ship here...shame.
  13. seven54

    RIP Marco Simoncelli.

    Yeah, feeling very sad and numb Marco was a real character and stand up guy, may he rest in peace. Lord knows we need our characters....
  14. seven54

    technical difficulty

    Muck around with the View menu on your browser toolbar......
  15. seven54

    cb650 cafe seat

    G'day there Jason, and welcome I would fill the dip somehow, maybe expanding foam under the flat metal base or metal sides, otherwise your the seat will look as if it just stuck on and a bit of an afterthought. Regarding the cowl, do whatever you are most comfortable with because you can get...
  16. seven54

    Simple mount plate idea for CB 750's

    I think you will have a few takers for that......
  17. seven54

    Looking for a clearcoat that DOES yellow

    Why don't you just tint the clearcoat yellow. Would have to experiment to get it right.....
  18. seven54

    Need help with cafe seat - Which to buy? XS850

    Adrian, XS850 is same size as a Honda CB750 so I would say any seat that suits that bike would be OK. But, to be sure, do a search on this site to see if any one has cafe'd an XS850 or just Google it. I'm sure you will dig up heaps of info.... Cheers
  19. seven54

    Jorge's lost finger (WARNING: There's blood!)

    Agree. No one likes to see stuff like this happen. Must say it was a bit of boring race without Lorenzo & Spies out there. Congrats to Casey for becoming World Champion.
  20. seven54

    Simple mount plate idea for CB 750's

    That looks like a pretty slick arrangement there, maduncle. But I will stick to something i can make using a drill, jigsaw and/ or grinder. Unfortunately, I dont have a mate with a lathe. I also am thinking steel or aluminium for the plate. They both have their +'s and -'s..... Cheers
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