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    How much you guys reckon this is worth?

    Speaking of curious; We have a really hard time with Chinese bikes and scooters breaking down and getting parts. I was just wondering if owners in China itself have the same problems- or are there actual dealers who stock parts?
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    How much you guys reckon this is worth?

    Sorry- I meant to say the 350's aren't brought in to the 'States. (I have an AVL)
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    How much you guys reckon this is worth?

    They're not even available in the 'States. From wjhat I understnd, that was built at the height of the India factory's roll of the dice builds. (Perhapos that explains the new head and such?) They get unbelievable gas milege, though. a disk brake on that is akin to polishing... well, lets...
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    Well, I know a couple of big words, and I know good writing. That wasn't it. Finally skipping to the last paragraph, we find he's been preaching. It's not a matter of "if", but "when".
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    So whose got the green CB350 with red wheels?

    Very very nice. It's sometimes said that the mark of a true artist is knowing when to stop. Did you make the seat, too? Nicely understated= class ~ classic.
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    So whose got the green CB350 with red wheels?

    DrJ sir, might one with calcified eyeballs request a link to a larger picture? I can't make out the detail i would like to. For instance, on my computer, the seat completely disappears into the background.
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    Vinyl Decals....

    Assuming you don't have a website, some samples would be nice. Are you capable of varius colours? Can you do any shading? Can you Photoshop or would I need to send camera-ready art? I've been fantasizing about some pin-up / aircraft nose art typle of young lady sitting on a rifle cartridge...
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    So whats everybody look like?

    I was recently a "float" in our town Mardi Gras parade. Here's me and my new wife (I wish- she was a lot of fun); My favorite bike. (I went back to a relatievly stock tank though);
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    Online Motorcycle Repair Course? Ron Ayers has a pretty good parts fiche for most Japanese bikes that helps, too.
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    THIS SUMMERS DTT GET TOGETHER!!!! Maryville TN. July 28th - 31st.

    Haven't stopped in here for a while... Is there an exact address for this alleged location? I figure Maryville is maybe 3 hours +/- from here, so I may stop in for a couple hours. I move as the spirit moves me.
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    XS650 build ...done!

    huh. That looks a lot like a pre '69 BMW head light, but it doesn't say BMW on the speedo. What is it?
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    newer vintage style helmets?

    If it's that important, I'd put a cigarete out on a regular helmet, and add a couple of coffee cup rings to it nearby. Call it the Walter Winchell edition.
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    Full Dunstall kit on a titled CB750 on eBay

    Re: Full Dunstall kit on a titled CB750 for $1000 Sorry, but a touring windshield in a Dunstal replica on an alleged cafe just looks wrong. To me, anyway.
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    Anyone into Photography?

    I suspect that -just as music / recording quality is going away in favor of convenience, so too is the fate of really high-quality prints. Anyhoo- back OT. I think you have too much stuff. I would recommend a good basic camera and lense and tripod. Then join a group somewhere and take...
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    Tim Timmy Timiny- God bless ya! sorry, I had no idea...
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    clip on's

    Telefix are PRICEY and they really aren't all that adjustable. They're nice is youonly ned to go 1/2 inch one way or the other, though. Personally, I much prefer low bars like superbike or drag bars. They don't look a hard-core, but they don't cripple you up as much on a ride that lasts more...
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    Saw this after I posted some pictures. All that space on the left is useless. It could be on the bottom instead. A site like this uses lots of pictures and this is no longer a friendly place for pictures. Yes- easier to read, but I like pictures more.
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    Buy a cafe? Royal Enfield...............whaw?

    Jeeze loweeze- I HATE the way pictures show up on this new set-up. Crapiolus. Stinknacious. Shiite Moslems! This sucks. Well- I doubt ol Unc will be putting pictures up anymore. This is disgusting.
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    Buy a cafe? Royal Enfield...............whaw?

    The AVL and iron barrels take a little more maintenance- they're truely Old School. However, the scene is rather similar to Ural in that the quality control has soared. Most of the problems with motorcycles is the owner- not the bike. The new UCE (Unit Construction Engine) is similar to BMW...
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    Buy a cafe? Royal Enfield...............whaw?

    The GB500 was a little faster, but I'd get cramps after 25 miles. The SR500 was a little faster -and a torque monster- but I couldn't start the damn thing. So- I end up with an '09 AVL with a Contental kit and it fits me to a "T". Yesss- it has drum brakes, and averages about 60-65 on the...
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