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    '84 SR250 Garage build.

    Haha I went the ol' eBay seat route, doesn't have the diagonal stitching but fits pretty similar. I had to cut a bit of the base off the front and I'll have to make a decent bracket to fix it under the tank properly. We seem at similar stages but none will be way slower and suckier.
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    CB400F restoration

    So cool seeing it back in 1989 too. Very cool story.
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    '84 SR250 Garage build.

    Neat little filter. Do you remember where you got your tail loop from? I've had a quick scroll through eBay but most things seem slightly too wide or skinny.
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    '84 SR250 Garage build.

    I've got the same seat and rack combo as JerryAssburgers picture if its any use to you @Brodie
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    '84 SR250 Garage build.

    Haha I think you're going through all the same stuff I am. I've got a Harley project but only ever got my L's so mine is meant to be the cheap run around to onsell for Harley parts. It's turning into an eBay special build but there's constant internal nagging to do things like kick conversions...
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    '84 SR250 Garage build.

    For some reason I thought the xt500 18" fit too but I haven't found any info on it again. I've done nothing with my Sr long enough to forget everything I planned. Do you know of anywhere on the coast with Sr parts? I've been keeping an eye on gumtree for stuff but surely there's a wrecker...
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    '84 SR250 Garage build.

    Still pretty neat. I don't notice too many sr250s getting around on the gold coast, I'm hoping to get mine together so I can get through this garbage M1 traffic early mornings too. I was looking to do more of a chop style build with mine too, the Malaysians do some cool dumb stuff with 250s but...
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    T500 build-----It's on the ROAD!!!

    Re: T500 build Looks super clean and tidy! All the extra time you're putting into things like the wire tuck are really paying off.
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    sr250 first build, I know nothing at all.

    I think Mexico is something all SR250 owners should aspire to
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    new developments...............

    You really are in it for the fashion parade and the circle jerk, aren't you?
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    Honda Build

    Re: Honda CB It doesn't matter what he changes his name to, you only have to get one page into any thread to hear him constantly pat himself on the back about how awesome he his and you know it's JWilde.
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    Going from 16" to 18" rear Comstar wheel?

    Hahaha that does not sound advantageous for an sr250. Thanks for the tip
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    Going from 16" to 18" rear Comstar wheel?

    Is there a noticeable benefit from going 16" up to 18"? I've considered it for the sr250 I have but it's only really a looks thing. Is there any serious pro's and cons to the bigger rear?
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    1973 ironhead 1000. "the dark side" dead tail

    Coming together well! Front wheel will look good in there, I'm currently dealing with the front brake issue but I don't have such useful parts on hand. I have an '81 Ironhead project I'm trying to find a 2ls drum for to replace the awful twin disc setup with. You're definitely a more capable...
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    Yamaha SR250 - A clean standard build

    Seat looks great!
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    SR250 Urban Leisure Scrambler by a noob

    Cool! Will be handy for when I start pulling my sr apart. What sort of end result are you after? Any particular bikes you're using for inspiration?
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    Yamaha SR250 - A clean standard build

    Nothing worth posting. Currently wrestling over ordering a tail loop through mostyn because I can't be bothered doing the hour drive to pick it up. Had an sr250 for a while that I got really cheap just to learn to ride on really and play around with something cheap but splitting minimal funds...
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    Sr250 Tracker

    I have a similar state project and similar experience so your build is pretty helpful. Good to see you take other people's advice. What ended up being your issue draining the battery? I have something draining mine at the moment too
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    Yamaha SR250 - A clean standard build

    Love how much development you've put in for a bike that previously had such minimal aftermarket options. A company near me has started stocking some of your parts (mostyn industries, in Australia), in future would it benefit you most if I buy from them or through you directly?
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    T500 front drum, or similar stopping power

    Hey guys, chasing a front drum from a T500 or possibly xs400 I'm lead to believe would be next best option for a Harley project. Don't need a rim/spokes, just the rest and posted to Australia. Let me know what you've got! Thanks.
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