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    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Please take this as a constructive observation rather than criticism but I think you may going in the wrong direction with the brake cable mod. As I understand it the 2 key points to an effective cable operated brake are: 1. The angle between the cable and the cam lever should be kept as close...
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    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    From the what I could find, the 80-83 model RD250/350 LC had 32mm forks - I certainly remember them being pretty spindly on mine all those years ago.. ;D
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    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Really following this with interest and I like your approach to upgrading the bike. As you say the preload adjusters will just reduce the sag in the forks but not eliminate the mushiness in the forks, only stiffer springs will solve this. I'm guessing the forks on the SR250 are 32mm which...
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    2002 Sevenfifty goes modern/retro Cafe

    Don't know if this helps but the CBX750 (RC17)and some nighthawks were fitted with a monoshock from the factory - might be worth looking for a frame from one of them. Otherwise the frames and much of the running gear is interchangeable. The CBX750 comes with a hydraulic clutch as standard too...
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    Hailwood Honda race rep agh!

    loving the attention to detail on this project. Sorry to hear about the powder coating but as you say, most of it will be hidden by the other bike parts. was at the manx last year and it is just as good as the TT although a bit more relaxed due to the higher average age of the participants. :)
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    Re: ROSSI WINS MXOTOGP at ASSEN Thanks - I was going to watch this tonight >:( Can you not put the result in the title of threads like this.... At least then we can avoid the thread if we don't want to know the result Rant over ::)
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    81’ Suzuki GSX 250 ‘Jinx’

    All the best with this project, I've owned about a dozen of these and they are great little bikes and dead easy to fix up. The biggest thing to watch out for is the exhaust studs or bolts snapping on you and the charging system burning itself out but otherwise, they just keep on going Like the...
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    Stafford - who's going

    I did see the bike on the stand and thought it looked great. Any more details anywhere or have I just missed this one?
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    Suzuki Titan reborn....

    Very nice indeed
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    Stafford - who's going

    I went on the Saturday and it was definitely less crowded than normal. Managed to buy a pair of boots, jacket, trousers and helmet for under £100 the lot (ex Hein Gericke stock) so happy with that. Also got a mead speed seat for £20 so there were some bargains to be had. As for the food, I...
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    Stafford - who's going

    Titan, with the exception of France, everywhere is sodding far away from Dover ;D Were you at Ashford on Monday?
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    Stafford - who's going

    Anyone going to Stafford next weekend? I'll be there on the saturday
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    Wakey,wakey guys

    Like Titan, I'm beavering away in the garage. Going to the classic TT (Manx) in august though
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    UK PARTY 2014

    Hi Surplus, Any progress with the rally?
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    Bike Electrician in Manchester/North West area?

    Ferret seems to be very well respected and travels around the whole country. Here's his website
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    What did you do today instead of working on your bike project?

    Finally started on the painting and decorating I've been promising to do for ages. At least the missus is happy!
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    CB550K: Gutted.Cafe.NOS.Big Bore.Kick Only.

    Re: CB550K: Gutted, Cafe, OEM+, Engine Rebuild, Bare Bones, Kick Only! Looking good and great plans but are the scotch locks in the headlight shell a temporary thing? I've found they don't last too we'll in my experience. Better it solder the wires tbh.
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    Southern Classic Off Road Show & Jumble

    I wasn't too sure about this as the name gives the impression that there won't be much for road bikes. Hadn't realised there would be that many stalls
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    Welcome on board. You're right about the costing and time allocation too but I always manage to ignore both when I start another project.
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    UK PARTY 2014

    How about making it the same weekend as the Stafford show (26 & 27th April), could combine the 2 events then for those of us travelling up from south. Ideal with uttoxeter being just a few miles from the show.
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