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    Rear Shock Dimensions Database! Over 1900 records!

    I can down load and open the spreadsheet, but it is essentially blank
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    75 GT380 Ride Out

    The latest blog post is up. It links to a ride out video of my 75 Suzuki GT380. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers,
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    1980 GS550E + 2000 Katana 750

    The Pre Kat, which was air/oil cooled makes for an easier swap, as does a 600 Katana engine.
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    Intermittently Rough

    I sold my 71 T250 and I am ready for my next project. I am going to look at a 1982 Virago 750. It had 18,000 original miles, but the owner says that it runs rough intermittently. That is, it runs smooth, then get rough, then gets smooth again on its own. All I can think of is...
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    71 Suzuki T250 NE PA

    Selling my 71 T250. Trades will be consider.
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    GT 185 Oil Lines

    Check Paul Miller Suzuki too. He had oil pump with new lines fir my T250.
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    Want to go two stroke... where to start?

    I gave a nice T250 for sale in Poconos Craigslist. Not original. Has a 73 GT250 engine. Cylinders bored 1.0mm. Engine was rebuilt, 4 years ago, from the crank up. The bottom end was a rebuilt assembly from Paul Miller Suzuki
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    Too Much Technology

    I agree. If I could tailor how much "assistance" each aid gave me, I would be in.
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    Too Much Technology

    I meant more traction control, stability control, etc.
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    Too Much Technology

    I own and have owned only two motorcycles made after 1990, my 1991 TW200 (since sold) and my 2003 BMW F650GS (my current daily rider).
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    Too Much Technology

    It seems that many "modern" riders think taking the skill out of riding is a good thing.
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    Too Much Technology

    I am with you. I like top-notch brakes, suspension, etc. to maximize my riding abilities rather than augment my abilities or cover up for my shortcomings.
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    Too Much Technology

    I wrote an article, recently, for Revzilla's "Common Tread" online magazine asking: "How much tech is too much on your motorcycle?" I expected some, if not most, readers to appreciate technological advancements. However, I was surprised that there were quite a few readers who vehement me, one or...
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    89 Katana 750 tail light short

    Soldered a new ground wire into the current tail light plug and everything works There was also a secondary problem with a bad connection in the license plate light. I think this cropped up after I moved wires, but this is fixed. I have a new tail light socket on the way. Meanwhile, the old Kat...
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    89 Katana 750 tail light short

    Yup, found it. It is in the socket. Once I hooked up my other dual filament light correctly :-[ all worked well. New (used) OEM socket on the way.
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    89 Katana 750 tail light short

    When I at attach any dual filament setup, it craps out. When I mount a multi-functon LED strip, the electrics worth perfectly.
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    89 Katana 750 tail light short

    I am having an issue with the lights at the back of my 89 750 Katana. Without warning, my tail light and license late light died. When I apply the brake light, the tail light circuit would light Long story short, here is where I am now: When I plug in the license plate light, it shorts the...
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    71 T250 For Sale NE PA

    For Sale: 1971 Suzuki T250. Professionally rebuilt engine. New Tires. Rebuilt forks with gaiters. New Shocks. New Mikuni racing carburetors. Fun classic bike. Street legal two stroke with oil injection. Have clean PA title in hand. Registered as an antique. Runs perfectly. From crank to...
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    Suzuki gt380/rev 250

    Wrong section to post this, but it depends on which 250. GT250 forks are 33mm, the same as the GT380. The T250 uses 34mm forks. As for the swing arm. I am not sure of bearing sizes, etc.
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    T250 No Spark, Left Side

    Went to start my 71 T250 and discovered I am getting no spark to the left plug is not firing. I am getting power to the coil. I am getting power to the condenser, I am getting power through the wire from the condenser to the points... just as long as don't have the wired attached to the left...
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