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    CB360 left point gap

    Im old enough to have owned and used a dwell meter :)
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    CB360 left point gap

    Can anyone tell me why my left points continue to open wider after the index mark on the advance cam. Set at .014 at the mark, when the mark is at the 6 o clock position they are now .015-.016. The right side points stay at .014 and decrease until they close. NOS points and NOS advancer. The...
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    Does this cam need to be reground

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    Does this cam need to be reground

    1975 CB360 with stock pistons. Cylinders are both at the service limit so its time for a rebuild.My question is will this cam be ok or should I send it out. The lobes are still in spec with some surface wear and one with some small pits.
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    WTB CB360 Camshaft

    Looking for a decent cam for my 1975 CB360 Thanks, Mike
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    Rear brake pedal slop

    Has anyone ever made a bushing for the rear brake pedal to take out the slop on the pivot shaft? My CB360 has a lot of play.
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    Ebay CB360 slides with springs

    Any body bought the slide kits on ebay from Taiwan? Specifically looking for opinions on the slide springs if any one has bought a set. Thanks, Mike
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    New member

    Morning, Im Mike, been lurking for a year here is a shot of my 1975 Cb360 that I picked up in 2019. Lots of tinkering (lost count of how many times the carbs were off to get it running good, great info on here) and polishing.
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