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    Xs650 cafe project

    So off came the head and then I had to under take the task of freeing that pesky stuck right cylinder. Lots of PB blaster and a big ass hammer and punch and she came right out. Not gonna use the stock jugs or pistons so no worries. Combustion chamber on the head cleaned up good too.
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    Xs650 cafe project

    So this might open a HUGE can of stinky, but I would like some input on the different ignitions for this bike. My old xs650 chopper had a Boyer bransden ignition on it and it worked well. This bike is a factory tci bike and I don't know the performance benefits of this type of ignition. I have a...
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    78 XS1100 Cafe Project

    That fairing was the business when your dad put it on! All that thing needs is an 8 track player and it would be awesome! Curious to see where this build goes!
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    Xs650 cafe project

    So I am finally starting my cafe project. The donor bike is an 81 xs650 special with an xv920 dual disk front end. The front will be getting a set of progressive springs and I will be doing away with the air assist. I will be building the motor into a 750 big bore with a shell #1 cam. Swapping...
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    Rear Set Sale-Prices Updated

    Got my set for my XS650 today. They are gorgeous. Thanks again!
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    Rear Set Sale-Prices Updated

    I'm in! Shoot me a pm and let me know where to send the money!
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    Rear Set Sale-Prices Updated

    How about a set for an xs650 plus shipping price?
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    78 XS650 forks

    Re: 78 XS650 suspension Got the rear suspension today. Thanks for everything!
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    78 XS650 forks

    Re: 78 XS650 suspension Pm sent on the rear suspension
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    RFY 13.5" shocks

    Sorry, I will be second in line if Cody doesn't want them.
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    RFY 13.5" shocks

    I will take them if they are still available. Pm me if they are.
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    Free CB500 stuff. Rims, taillight, etc

    Re: Free CB500 stuff. Rims, taillight, HID kit, GSXR stuff Pm sent on the gsxr controls.
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    Slipstream Cycles AKA J-Rod10

    I have read a ton of negative stuff about Slipstream Cycles so i figured that I would post about my experience. I purchased a seat pan from them at the beginning of last week and it showed up at my house yesterday. I had a tracking number from paypal as soon as it shipped and he even PM'ed me to...
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    Carbon Fiber Cafe Seats-Price Lowered

    seat showed up today. super fast shipping and good quality too. Thanks!
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    Carbon Fiber Cafe Seats-Price Lowered

    interested in the tracker style. do you have any mock up pics of one on a bike?
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    CB360 drum brake front end, rear end.

    PM inbound!
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    CR500 , 2 stroke hardtail chopper project

    Love it! I can't wait to see more. I toyed around with the idea of swapping a cr500 engine into my cb360 frame. Can't wait to see a video of it running!
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    '81XS650 used to be a chop. ♡♥♡♥♡

    Re: XS650 chop - Yeah... I actually acomplished something on this piece of S#! T. Here is a pic of my XS chop for your inspiration to DW! Can't wait to see yours done.
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    FS: CB360 Carbs, full rebuild and Modded for Pods by CrazyPJ

    Is this the price shipped or plus shipping?
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    1978 CB550- Upper Michigan

    i would be all over this if you were closer. I live in VA and I don't think the plane ticket and the gas and hotels for the ride home would make it too cost affective for me. GLWTS tho. cool looking little scoot!
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