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    Cutting up the frame

    Anyone can restore one...........and no -one is holding a gun to anyone's head not to cut one up. My Kawasaki cafe was a totally stuffed bike and there was no way in hell I was restoring it. Parts for a 32 year old bike aren't exactly thick on the ground and even sourcing parts to fix what I had...
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    GS850 G - Cafe Racer

    As Sean above me said, it's your bike, your build. In my honest opinion it looks long as you're happy with it, get out and ride it. Enjoy what you've built, I can guarantee that after a couple of smiles, thumbs up, and general good comments towards you you won't be able to...
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    Brush paint a frame

    They all were done by brush early last century. Thin out the enamel, brush in long strokes and as Sonic said, it does self level. But...........that was then and this is now. Even a rattle can is a better finish than that. Up to you at the end of the day, good luck mate if you decide that's the...
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    CB360 Questions about stainless brake lines +

    I bought my stainless lines from Wesmoto in England. Measure what length you want, tell them the bike it's for and they'll custom make for no extra charge. My line from the master to brake splitter was around 100mm shorter and it's perfect. Not advertising for them but they are cheaper than...
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    Battery inquiry

    You could try one of these, they are very small. I have one mounted under the tail of my z250 cafe and it cranks the starter no problem, lights on or not. Cheers
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    Introduce yrself, bikes, projects, whatever.

    As promised.......some pics of my sons bike. A 2006 vtr250 than was dropped at 60klm/h, taking out the levers, headlight, gauges, tank, seat and twisted the rear sub frame. Only has 3800 k's on it. So far we've replaced the tank, shortened the rear subrame to make it a true single seat. Cheers
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    Kawasaki z250a cafe racer

    I wanted to build a Kawasaki cafe mainly because every-one seems to have Yamahas or Hondas. Took a little while of searching to find the right one though. No, sorry mate.........sold off all the bits I didn't need. All I have left is the frame and swingarm. Cheers
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    Introduce yrself, bikes, projects, whatever.

    Thanks guys, been a bit of a job but worth the effort so far. I'll post more pics soon showing more of the build and a couple of my sons street fighter vtr250 project. Cheers
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    Introduce yrself, bikes, projects, whatever.

    Hi all, I'm Ted from a little country town in Victoria. Been a member on this forum for a while and didn't sroll down far enough to know there was an Aussie section. Already posted pics of my build here This is my first project bike, built...
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    Kawasaki z250a cafe racer

    Thought I'd better post up a pic of what i started with. I've spent the better part of my years building cars and finally saw the light, I wanted a cafe bike. I'd ridden bikes off and on over the years but never owned one, let alone built one. Wasn't the best buy but at $100 was a frame and a...
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    Kawasaki z250a cafe racer

    Hi all, I've been a member for a little about other people's projects and thought I'd post about mine. Bought as a total basketcase and this is what I've done in the past 3 months. I've cut off all excess tabs and brackets, fitted a Gpz250 c front end with twin discs. Lowered...
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