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    Hey guys, does anyone know where I can get an outer starter clutch for a 1974 CB360?

    I don't know which one you need, but one for my 82 cb650sc came from a honda 125 atc. ( $28.00) Dropped right in after removing a bunch of other stuff. Maybe check cmsnl for a part number match
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    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    I chip away at it between other projects and maintenance.
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    1978 CB750 F2 SOHC - Carb issue

    A possible cause of the hanging idle is weakened springs on the mechanical advance. It is not uncommon to have to cut one loop (coil) off a spring and bend the next coil up to make a new hook on the end. You can run the engine with a timing light on the timing marks to see how soon the advance...
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    Turn signal issue

    I have experienced this before (70's cb's) , the cure for me was cleaning electrical connections in the turn signal circuit including grounds. On another bike with the same issue, switching to a 2-wire electronic flasher from autozone fixed the problem. I'm guessing the old flasher depended on...
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    Greeting and Salutations!

    Welcome, nice save on the cm450. That's a comfy looking seat, is that your handiwork?
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    Help: Zero compression, yes zero. 1979 CB750K

    Yes, valves are certainly suspect if cam is timed right and tappet clearances have been checked. So give us more background...what gaskets? Have you had it apart? I once tried to start an engine before checking for sticky valves. When the piston hit the sticky valve it promptly closed, and...
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    hi from Buffalo

    Raccoon creek campground is 1/2 hour away from the park, I've got a crew cab and a 3-bike trailer. We might be able to collect a couple more people and make it the western new york contingent to the show. Is this how road trips 8get started? Why not, there isn't anything else like that on...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    1977 cb550f with 20k miles on it.
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    hi from Buffalo

    Thanks snout, no haven't been to sewickly before, but it looks like a good time with like minded folks. It would be fun to get a small group together to make it a weekend trip. Do you know if there is camping available nearby?
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    hi from Buffalo

    Joined in 2018 but never introduced myself. I had a cafe racer loaned to me in '76 for the summer (72 suzuki gt380, clipons & rearsets). 30 years later I got my first bike! Now the joke is even I don't know how many bikes I have, but they range from pseudo chopper to full dress touring to...
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    Tracker-ish cb550

    Your project is coming along nicely, I feel your pain on the shock mount situation. I have a question about your swingarm selection. Are you using that swingarm because it goes with the wheel, or is there another benefit to that swingarm over the original one with the frame? It's not too late...
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    '75 CB750 gearbox/transmission in a '78 CB750?

    You should check with/on the SOHC4 forum, you'll have your answer rather quick. Are you sure the k8 is better than the k5? You might be able to make a good engine without splitting the cases. Or just split both open and take the best parts, most of them are interchangeable.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Got this last week, does that count? Gonna have some fun with this one.
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    Norton Combat Commando refresh

    That's a first class classic!
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