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    1001 uses for Ichiban Moto stickers

    I needed a condom, so I wrapped my dick in them. 9 months later I have triplets in 3 different races. explain that!
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    Beards 2015

    ...just when I started missing this forum, I have to find this thread and it fawks it all up for me again
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    Ain't this purdy........?

    i would smash that to pieces after that happened.
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    Forgive me DTT for I have strayed...

    I've been distracted with guns too. I'm making myself an SBR ar15 (once that silly tax stamp comes back)
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    open invite bachelor party?

    I'm going to this. If anyone wants to come, it's basically an open invite and guaranteed good time:
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    RE-UNION 6

    sorry I missed this - I need to frequent the regionals more often!
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    Going to check out this place tomorrow in maine:

    if there's a kawasaki 500 2 stroke triple... dibs
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    Second bike opinions

    holy shitballs do I ever wish i had a spare reliable, under 500cc, water cooled bike.
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    Proof that a café bike gets you pussy

    the only thing my bike gets is exclamation from little boys, fascination by the mildly retarded, and inquisition from metrosexuals.
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    Care to share a little inspiration?

    maybe so, but I can think of better uses of $162,000 USD than a single bike.
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    Helmets - how do you keep them protected?

    I wear it like a hat on the top of my head.
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    Historical Vehicle/Collector Plates...has anyone gotten shit from police?

    I run one as "year of manufacture" - I get pulled over twice a month minimum. Sometimes it's no big deal: Sometimes they call in reinforcements: regardless, so long as you're up front with them and pleasant, I've never gotten a ticket. You WILL get pulled over in MA, though. Also, in MA you...
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    Your Motorcycle History

    1972 cb450 1966 Trinda short list.
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    Sour Cream Consumption vs. Non Collision Motorcycle Accidents

    equal parts sour cream and green jalapeno tobasco mixed thoroughly - try it as a steak sauce
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    May 10, 2014

    Please excuse the instagramness. I don't have a camera. I was pretty drunk when I snapped this picture of the factory: walt seigl came by with his amazing Puma bike (that i neglected to take a pic of till her was leaving): this Indian won judges choice: Choppahead is now proud to sell 100%...
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    May 10, 2014

    Got a little wet on the way in and a lot wet on the way home. The free tour of the vanson factory was the best tour I've been on that I can remember and henceforth shall only purchase vanson leather. Smallish turnout, but quality bikes all around. Free food and free beer all day - definitely...
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    May 10, 2014

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    A DTT lawyers thread?

    just found out I failed the bar. again. I seriously hate lawyers. At this point I just want to be one to spite them.
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    Are you a hipster test?

    I can't wait for this term to die.
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    May 10, 2014

    It gives a few dates, but the 10th is the bike show:
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