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    WTB cb350 k2 bottom crank case

    hi im after a bottom crank case for my cb350 k2, because the one i have has broken engine mounts. cheers derek
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    WTB Advance Unit SL175/CB175

    hi wanting to buy a mechanical advance unit for a SL/CB175 in good working order.
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    1973 CB175 Miscellaneous Parts

    hi mate do you have the mechanical advance??
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    CB175 Stock Parts For Sale

    hi mate any chance you would have the mechanical advance unit behind the points plate?
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    Introduce yrself, bikes, projects, whatever.

    hi, here is a pic of my 69 cb350 i finished about 2 months ago. cant wait to get another one. cheers derek
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    cb360 part out, 3 complete bikes Buffalo NY

    do you have a kick starter for sale?
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    CB360 Motor and Carbs

    would you sell just the kick starter?
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    Honda CB/CL/CJ Parts

    got a spare cb360 kick starter?
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    cb350 timing (ricks stator with no timing mark)?

    hi all, i have installed a new stator and reg/rec from ricks motorsport. have any of you guys installed them..... most important question how the hell do i time the points with no pointer indicator on the stator??? please give me some advice thanks
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    Looking to buy a pair of SL175 carbs??

    hi thanks for the reply.... the carbs that i have, the left side where the main jet holder screws in the bottom is stripped. do you have a pic you could send me? what type are they? year model? thanks again.
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    Looking to buy a pair of SL175 carbs??

    Hi does anyone have a set of SL175 or CB175 carbs that they would like to sell??? I think they are the same just with different jetting. Cheers
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    CB350 broken engine mount

    hi everyone. im looking for some advice. i have a 1969 CB350 that im doing a cafe build on. the engine mount on the front lower left side of the of the bottom crankcase is broken off. i would like to know if anyone has encountered this problem before and has some advice for me to fix this??? do...
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    Mikuni vm30 1970 cb350 cb360 parts nor cal

    hi are the vm30's still for sale?
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