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    Fiberglass tank mold and tank build videos

    Starting from scratch in foam. This is a compressed video, don't watch if you have seizures..... This is the full mold build video and this is the actual tank build
  2. J

    Kawasaki 2 Stroke "Mongrel"

    Re: Kawasaki H2 750 Triple **Fall 2010 Update** Actually it petty easy to get a "H" triple to handle very well........ And "WTF's"
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    How I fiberglass with polyester resin. A DIY how to.

    One thing is matt glass is glued together with a polyester base glue. Epoxy resins will not disolve the glue and the matt will not form. And it is correct, it is almost impossible to get epoxy and poly to stick together, there is no chemical bond, only mechanical. Plus I don't use gelcoat, as...
  4. J

    I just put up some vids of Bondo finishing and making some fiberglass molds.....

    Cool Rocan! Glad to help if I can. And perattzi, you can't be a vibro cutter. (cheap at Harbor freight)
  5. J

    cb650 cafe seat

    It's a ton of work trying to make a fiberglass part without a mold, and usually ends up very heavy. If you are using mat, and not cloth, you only need 2 to 3 layers. Cut patterns in heavy paper layed on the plug, where there are wrinkles or folds needed to lay flat, tear the matt where the fold...
  6. J

    developing a tailsection.........

    Thanks for the comments so far. And that's the nice thing about fiberglass, you can modify to your liking.
  7. J

    developing a tailsection.........

    I have been working on a new tail section for the RD 400's, and other bikes that have "squarish" tanks. Most of the round ones, and squarish ones are pretty simple looking to me, and I wanted to do something with a bit more "flair" and modernish look, but still be faithful to the vintage side of...
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    Idea on mounting a seat, need opinions

    My mounting method is simular. Check out the bottom of this page.
  9. J

    How to mount cafe seat?

    "Usually" cafe seats aren't designed to hinge open. If you have to have hinges, then head to your local hardware store and dig around to build something. Each seat is pretty much different, so you need to have the seat section and see how it would work hinged. Just be creative.....
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    fiberglass tank questions

    How many years? Been over 2 now.......
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    fiberglass woes

    Temperature is a huge factor also. I get the cheap 4 for a dollah hard plastic cups for the dollar store and mix 4 oz. at a time. When you run out, mix another batch. 70 to 90 degrees will really speed the hardening. 55 deg will take forever. You can adjust the hardner for the temp. A heat gun...
  12. J

    fiberglass tank questions

    The Caswell tank sealer has no problem with the ethanol. Cheap (ish) and easy to use.
  13. J

    ideas on securing new seat?

    It depends on what kind of seat you are talking about. If it is a cafe seat, here is a thread......
  14. J

    pics of you riding you bike

    I'm in New Mexico. I was at the Gap for the annual 2 stroke meet, the guys come from all over the country.....
  15. J

    pics of you riding you bike

    Great pics and vids! Can't get more ecclectic! :) Here is a track pic from last Sunday And from the Gap in May Also from the Gap......yes, I'm ridin "beeach"........
  16. J

    My "mule/race/track day/street" 1975 Kawasaki 500 2 stroke triple....

    Who meeeee? ;) Yes, Gumby has his own "Grumble" seat......LOL and he is my rearward cam man too!
  17. J

    My "mule/race/track day/street" 1975 Kawasaki 500 2 stroke triple....

    Thanks guys! I have OCD and ADD.....LOL. It goes away when she is running and on song......... ;)
  18. J

    My "mule/race/track day/street" 1975 Kawasaki 500 2 stroke triple....

    Thanks! Here is a vid from Deals Gap, running the dragon...... partial dragon run (Deals Gap)
  19. J

    My "mule/race/track day/street" 1975 Kawasaki 500 2 stroke triple....

    She is a riot to ride, stops on a dime, and runs hard......
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