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    Duplicolor Paint Shop?

    Has anyone used the Duplicolor Paint Shop system? It's so much cheaper than other auto paint, didn't know if it was any good!
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    free bike

    it does seem to good to be true
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    free bike

    get off your computer and go get it!
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    Rear set, levers and pegs. $90

    Thanks Kris, can't wait
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    '75 CB550K1 Gulf - Round...3, the fun stuff

    Re: '75 CB550 - Gulf - I don't know...this blue makes me want to do unnatural things Wow, can't wait to see it all come together. That blue looks really good.
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    1969 CB350 (Alice)

    Paint looks great!
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    Looks Great, how do those tires handle
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    Do the Ton Magazine

    I like reading all I can in this forum, but to have an actual magazine of all the people and builds in this forum would be pretty good as well. I don't take my computer everywhere, so I'm in on a magazine.
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    Rear set, levers and pegs. $90

    No problem, but out of all the parts I have coming in, I was most excited about the rearsets! Good thing is, they look like they are worth the wait, and I'm not even close to done. Do what ever you need to do Kris, I'm not going anywhere.
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    Rear set, levers and pegs. $90

    Those look good, I wish I would have ordered those with the folding pegs now. How much for just the folding pegs?
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    CB360 Master Cylinder

    Perfect, then I don't need to redo it, what a bitch!
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    CB360 Master Cylinder

    Is there a channel for the metal ring that holds the outer rubber boot on. I know there is a channel for the snap ring, but I got that back in and I can't get it back out to check.
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    Rear set, levers and pegs. $90

    Didn't know Fast from the past had those, is there a difference, since you said cheaper ones?
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    Looking to Buy 1 bar end mirror.....

    There is actually a company selling them on ebay here in the states, that's where I got mine, and received it in like 3 days. I don't remember the company name, but if you can't find them Dime City sells them individually.
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    Rear set, levers and pegs. $90

    Dime City is selling three different shifter arms now if your still looking and I think they are under $40.00.
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    Re: Scott's 1974 CB360 project- She is alive!!

    Re: 1974 CB360 project- lots of pics and progress - - not many comments :( Looks great, must feel good to be doing the final assembly.
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    75 CL360 Cafe Build

    Re: 71 CB350 Cafe Project Check out Durgam-K on this site, his rearsets are pretty sweet.
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    Anyone live near north central Arkansas?

    I'm in KC, but try to float the Buffalo every year.
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    Rear set, levers and pegs. $90

    Hey Durgam, sounds good. PM me the details on ordering and price for the total kit. I'm building a 360 and have no idea on the linkage length that I need, but I'm sure I'm within the 99%. Thanks, can't wait!
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    If you want it done ... you have to do it yourself

    Thanks fellas, just saved me some money to spend on something else! If your ever in KC I'll spend it on some beer.
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