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    Oil Leak Top End

    I will give that a try. Thanks
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    Oil Leak Top End

    Hi There, I've got a frustrating situation with a CL 350 project. The bike has been sitting on a table for 3 years due to other priorities. When I got back to it and recently started it on the bench it runs perfect but leaks oil on the top end. What strange is that the oil is coming out around...
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    Superhawk Tank Petcock

    Yep same here and that's the petcock I cant find anywhere. All i here on other sites is plug the rt side tank line and tip the bike left when you run out of gas.
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    Superhawk Tank Petcock

    Thanks, but that's the issue I'm having. The Ebay link you sent as well as is the only one i can find and is currently on the bike. The original has an extra inlet line for rt side of the tank.
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    Superhawk Tank Petcock

    I'm not sure if its a CB 77 just that it's a Honda 300 Tank. I'll try that site though. Thanks
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    Superhawk Tank Petcock

    Looking for the Petcock for this tank. It has an extra fuel intake port, since the tank doesn’t have a left to right crossover line.
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    CB/CL175 forks - SOLD.

    Re: CB/CL175 forks Hello, Is it possible to pick them up? I'm local.
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    WTB: 360 Parts

    Any chance your in Michigan?
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    WTB Aluminum Steerer Tube Nut CB350

    Dime City part number 90304-415-000 $15.95
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    71/72 CB/CL 175 Frame

    Looking to buy a complete stock uncut CB/CL 175 frame with swing arm. Located in SE Michigan.
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    cb360 camshaft and rockers needed!

    I'll be posting it this weekend with Pics, goin to ask $250, includes carbs.
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    cb360 camshaft and rockers needed!

    The condition is unknown, other than it has 6000 orginial miles, turns over, has great compression and has had both engine recall performed. I accuired it from the original owner. It's been sitting for over 20 years. i think the cost of shipping to Cal would be alot. Located in SE Michigan.
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    cb360 camshaft and rockers needed!

    would you be interested in an entire 74 CB360 engine with carbs, and do you by chance live in Michigan?
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    I have a 1974 CB360 complete engine with carbs. 6000 original miles. Has not run for 20 years, turns over and has good compression. Located in SE Michigan.
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    72' CL350 nickle and dime time

    Re: 72' CL350 "KILLING MACHINE" Looking Good!!
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