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    Rear disc conversion

    Hi, I know lots of people are after a rear disc conversion set and while I was browsing around my favourite Chinese website I came across these (haven't seen them before) If I do a disk conversion it would be a ways down the line. Posting here more for the seasoned pros to have a look. What do...
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    Starting problem

    Hi, had a weird problem yesterday when I was leaving work. Left the bike in gear cos I couldn't get into neutral on the while coasting to a stop. Finished work and hopped on turned the key and hit the ignition switch. Got a laboured turn over like she had a flat battery but then all the...
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    Hello gentlemen

    Hey there, been a long time lurker here but FINALLY got an ace 125...the styling was the main reason but having a fun active group like this one also shaped my decision so thanks to everyone in this forum, look forward to putting a lot of the info on here into 'ethel'...I named her ethel...
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