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  1. Ringo

    Life after dtt

    Josh is a regular track whore at this point. But he knows he has a problem, so it's all good. I'm doing my best to catch up, but driving from Montana to cali just for track days is brutal. Must think about relocating closer..........
  2. Ringo

    Life after dtt

    I ate them all, Mike. Along with the face-melting posole, and whatever the hell the red-sauce-and-tortillas-and-eggs-and-Mexicano-queso is called. Man I love being the token white guy.
  3. Ringo

    Life after dtt

  4. Ringo

    '75 CB550K1 Gulf - Round...3, the fun stuff

    Agh, I have a wedding in Idaho on the 8th! Not this year I'm afraid. Justin, Mike, good day sirs!
  5. Ringo

    '75 CB550K1 Gulf - Round...3, the fun stuff

    Maritime, refresh me on when exactly barber is if you will? I do love a good road trip, and I'm already in the habit of driving 16 hours one way for my track days...!
  6. Ringo

    '75 CB550K1 Gulf - Round...3, the fun stuff

    And since hurley made a special guest appearance, here's me chasing him
  7. Ringo

    '75 CB550K1 Gulf - Round...3, the fun stuff

    Damn!!! Look who showed up!!
  8. Ringo

    '75 CB550K1 Gulf - Round...3, the fun stuff

    Keeweenz thanks man! Bike looks great! Sorry for the pokey reply, I don't think to check this thread any more. I'm still tinkering, just in a different genre now. My latest money pit is a 2006 Triumph Speed Triple. I still do all the work myself (with the lone exception of the fork cartridge...
  9. Ringo


    Screwball looks great up there Bill. Congrats!
  10. Ringo

    never in the history of the world have so many done so much for so little xs650

    I just came here for the promise of nudes and booze, but lookit this! Slick work Brad, looks like a fun ride. I'll vote her up, duh.
  11. Ringo

    Knee dent nightmare

    No need to freak out here, or go to extremes people. Let's start from the beginning...are you going for a show bike? If so, buy new and get help. For everything else, work it until it fits the frame again, then line it with caswell OR take it to a good welder, then fill/smooth the uglys...
  12. Ringo

    Carpy's newly designed CB500 4-1 exhaust... sweet!

    How is it different from the previous version?? I see you still have to pull the exhaust to change the oil filter...
  13. Ringo

    So whats everybody look like?

    I look remarkably like this (in the center):
  14. Ringo

    Two Takasago alloy wheels. 36 spoke. 18x1.85 and 19x1.85

    Ah, priorities... Plenty on the need-to-buy list right now.
  15. Ringo

    Two Takasago alloy wheels. 36 spoke. 18x1.85 and 19x1.85

    I don't have anything in the works right now, but these are really tempting to just have on hand.
  16. Ringo


    Yamaha colors? Looks good dude.
  17. Ringo

    My new ride....Frankenbike

    ^^^ Yes. YES YES YES.
  18. Ringo

    My new ride....Frankenbike

    It looks sick as fuck JUST LIKE THAT! Look at that side stand!
  19. Ringo

    I need the stiffest shocks avalibale for a cb360

    Google Tony Foale.
  20. Ringo

    How many different engine configurations do you have in your shop?

    4-stroke 675cc inline triple.........Triumph Street Triple R 4-stroke 400cc parallel twin.......Yamaha XS400 motor 2-stroke 250cc single................Suzuki TS250 2-stroke 71cc single..................Stihl MS441 The shop's a little light on projects at the moment...
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