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    Chinese 125 shooting and popping

    Hi we have a chinese 125cc for my daughter the engine is called 156fmi the bike is popping and shooting out the exhaust, with more than half throttle. I tried to go up and down in main jet , but with same result, where would I look next? The exhaust is an open shorter type . And org air cleaner...
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    Cj360 idle mixture screw

    Hi guys Just received a oring set for my cj360 in the set are Idle Mixture Needle O-Ring (x2) But I only have one in one of the carbs. Should there be one in both carbs
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    Brenden/common motor collective

    Anybody that knows if it’s possible to contact “them” with an order while he is going on this “ Long haul”? I tried by email!
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    Cj360 gastank “mistake “

    I welded the gas cab from a gsxr in my tank an are having some issues around the weld because the guy that I had to do the welding, didn’t do a good job. I would like to split the tank in two and fix the problem from inside, but can I split the tank all the way around the original seem or what...
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    Powder coating front legs

    I’m having my bike frame powder coated but the guy says that I have to take the front legs completely apart because of the heat, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t do that to an earlier project. Is it correct that I have to do that?
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    Cj360 speedoneedle off

    I took my speedo apart to refurb the look. but Got stuck when I should remove the needle, i Think it's just pressed on, and I tried the trick with a fork, and just pulled as hard as I could, without destroying the needle. How the h... do I get it off.
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    Cj360 check valve cover

    I just removed the hole valve cover to check that the engine delivers oil to the top, if all surfaces are wet from oil and there are no coloration, I should be good to go right?
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    Cj360 new carburettors

    As a follow up to my question regarding spark plug issues I seek pointers on my jetting for my 28mm stage6 carbs. The pwk have 130main and 38pilotjetjet I would think that they weren't too rich jetted but my bike still fouls the plugs and are...
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    Cb360 petcock thread size

    I have to lift up my petcock 1-2cm and need a thread cutter that has the right size so I can make the thread go all the way up to the tank. in Denmark where I'm from we use metric system but I think it must be in inches or am I wrong?
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    Galvanize a hole tank

    I welded at top from a cbr600 on my cj360 tank and would like to get the hole Thing galvanized! Is that possible to do? and its filled with liner inside , but i Think they Will acid clean the tank first, right?
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    Weird spark plug problem

    My cj360 kills my spark plugs I bought 3sets of spark plugs and within a few days it won't fire, I have a spark from the spark plug to the motor if I hold it a few millimetres away. but no spark inside the plug. then i can buy a new and it works for a while. I have standard coils. What could be...
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    Hole all the Way through the pilot jet cj360

    When i take out the pilot air jet, its a tube with holes in the side and at both ends, but its not open all the Way through the tube, is that correct or is it clogged
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    Cj360 blows carb off

    My cj360 blows the right carburettor off. If it's not misfiring can it really be a valve that's not closing . If I start the bike and give it some throttle then it blows of when the engine decelerates
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    Oil from stater cover

    I pulled the stator cover because I have ignition problems an oil was coming out from where the flywheel are. That doesn't seem right because there must be oil around the electrics . Or am I wrong
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    Cj360 with scooter carbs

    i have some issues with my stock carbs and I can rebuild them and reject them to fit my setup. Or buy new carbs that are easier to jet. And stumbled over some 30mm scooter carbs that are MUCH cheaper than the mikuni carbs. They come with(main jet #135, idlejet #45 og powerjet #32) could I use...
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    Cj360 from Denmark

    Hi guys i've been herre for a while. I bought my Cj in 5 large boxes it was literally in as much pieces as possible. It took me at least a year to collect all parts, because I had problem finding parts for it. But through cmsnl and with a lot of help from Brendan Malacuso in USA I got the bike...
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    Cj360 rim swap

    My plan is to take my rear rim and Mount to my front hub and buy a wider rim: Or maybe a3,00x18 and Mount to my rear hub, but is this a direct swap or could there be Any problems...
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    Cj360 dies over 1/2 throttle

    I have collected parts for a while and has only driven the bike 2-4km and i just took everything and cleanede befor i put it together, so i really dont know anything about jetting in the karburettors, but before i take it apart again i just want to hear your opinion on where to start. It runs...
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    Tank cure big problem

    I lined my tank with tank cure. It went really bad. It looked very Well right after, and it hardned for 10 days but as i put petrol in, it dissolved more or less and now its like rubber, and fell off several areas inside the tank. How do i remove it now, so i can start all over, because, in some...
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    Rectifier combo for my cj360

    Hi I've bought a rectifier combo from common-motor but i have some issues. I like to hear your input i've spliced the yellow and White from the alternator so i have those two and a red directly from battery and the pink from alternator, at first i løft the yellow that went up to the handelbar...
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