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  1. mothgils

    Unused Project Parts for Sale

    I have decided to clear out parts from my old CB550 project. I bought these with the intention of rebuilding my first CB550 but life got in the way and it's time to move on. Prices listed below and do not include shipping, buyer pays for the ride. Antigravity 8 Cell Battery - $125 Unknown...
  2. mothgils

    3/4 Bell Custom 500 Helmet - Large

    Silver Flake 3/4 Bell 500 Helmet for sale. Has custom hand pin striping. Rarely worn, no scratches. Comes with 2 bubble shields. The yellow is a nice Biltwell visor and the purple is a vintage swap meet find and has some scratches. Looking for $105 obo plus the ride Sent from my iPhone using...
  3. mothgils

    7/8” Clubman Handlebars

    2 pair of 7/8” Clubman handlebars for sale. The black set has slots for internal controls and wires. The chrome set is like new with no holes/slots. $15 for the chrome, $10 for the black plus the ride Sent from my iPhone using DO THE TON
  4. mothgils

    1976 CB550 Scrambler - Project Warpig

    Well I figured I should start a build thread in hopes that it will keep me motivated to finish in a timely manner. Anyway, I wanted to build a bike that I could ride most anywhere: around town, long highway hauls, backroads, gravel and even some dirt. The only "logical" bike to me was another...
  5. mothgils

    CB550/CB650 Parts & Triumph Shocks

    CB550 Front turns - $20 plus shipping CB550 Rear Turns - $40 plus shipping PD50A Carbs - $125 plus shipping Random 12.5" Eye to Eye rear shocks from Triumph Bonneville SE - $55 plus shipping (NEW PRICE) Rears Fronts Carbs Triumph Rear shocks Thanks!
  6. mothgils

    CB550 Parts

    Picked up a second CB550 frame/half roller and am in search of parts: Looking for: Motor Tank Seat Exhaust Building a very budget 2up tracker for the lady and I. Let me know if you have anything on the cheap.
  7. mothgils

    WTB: 35mm Clip ons/CB550 Lower Triple

    I am just posting to see if anyone has any 35mm clip ons that they want to get rid of. Also, looking for a lower triple for a CB550, so I can build my own clip ons. Thanks
  8. mothgils

    PAMCO 350 Electronic Ignition

    Anyone have a slightly used or non-used PAMCO 350 Electronic Ignition laying around? Really in need of one Thanks! Andrew
  9. mothgils

    XS650 Rear Hoop

    Does anyone have a rear hoop that has been hacked off the back of a XS650? Or if you have a frame that you don't care hacking up, I would like to buy the hoop. Thanks, Andrew
  10. mothgils

    WTB: Carbs and CL exhaust for Honda 1973 CB350 Twin

    As the title states I have a 1973 CB350 twin and am in need of a set of carbs. I would also like to buy a set of CL high pipes for it so I can use them to fabricate my own. Thanks!
  11. mothgils

    Electrical help!

    I have a LED tail light that I purchased from DCC and when I hit the brakes (front or back), it lights up great. When I turn on the headlight/taillight, the light won't change when the brakes are pressed. I have about 10-11 volts when pressing the brake and no lights on and when I turn on the...
  12. mothgils

    CB550 Help

    Having some idling issues with my 74 CB550. It has a 4-1 Kerker with no baffles and individual Uni foam pod filters. I upgraded the main jets from 100-110 and left the others normal. I believe the clip is on the second setting up from the the bottom on the needle jet ( haven't looked in there...
  13. mothgils

    Throttle Cable issues

    I just put new throttle cables on my 74 Cb550. When I have any pressure on them, there is a hang up. It doesn't look like any of the bends are tight or kinked. I checked in the controls and they don't seem to be binding there. Could there be some rubbing or housing or burrs in the barrels...
  14. mothgils

    WTB: Front Caliper for 74 CB550

    Like the title states, I need a front caliper for a '74 CB550. The PO managed to break off the bleeder valve. I am going to try to drill it out and re-tap it but if I damage it, I am screwed. If you have something, please let me know.
  15. mothgils

    Start up procedure for Noobs

    So, this is a complete noob question but I know there are many of us on the board that are new to motorcycles or at least to older bikes. Since we are rebuilding 30 yr old bikes, most of which have not ran in years, what is the best start-up procedure? Basically, what are the steps that one...
  16. mothgils

    IMS Deal of the day.

    Just saw this link that someone posted on Facebook. You can get a 1/12th Scale Dani Pedrosa Respol Honda Motorcycle for $18. If anyone is interested, just click this link.
  17. mothgils

    WTB: left side fork lower for 74 CB550

    Anyone have one laying around? I have seen some full fork setups (including) triples on ebay. Saw one for $49.99 and might just buy it but figured I would check here first.
  18. mothgils

    CB550 Front Brake ?

    Ok...I feel like a complete noob. I have searched the interwebs and tried stuff myself. I am not sure if my pad is stuck or if there is something else holding it in. I removed the small pin on the stationary pad side but cant get the pad out. How do I get the pad out?
  19. mothgils

    WTB: Exhaust Joint Collars for CB550

    I am in need of 4 sets of the 2-piece construction exhaust collars that mate around the exhaust tube as it is connected to the motor. Can anyone help me out???
  20. mothgils

    Drive Chain question

    I purchased new drive chain and am unsure on how much tension is needed with setting the rear wheel and mounting the chain. I have ride and have built bicycles but am not sure on a motorcycle. Also, how do you make sure that the rear wheel is in line with the front wheel when you tension the...
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