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  1. schaubster

    Ignition switch push button

    I am removing my keyed ignition switch and replacing it with an ignition button that will be inconspicuously placed. Any suggestions on which to use? I am also wondering how much amperage it needs to handle. Bike: 1973 cb450 Thanks!
  2. schaubster

    Adjustable levers on original controls

    I have a 1973 cb450 and would like some nicer levers. Anyone know if any of the adjustable levers out there fit our bikes?
  3. schaubster

    Bullet vs. Modern Turn Signals

    So I'm debating between classic bullet style turn signals and more modern flush turn signals. They will be attached to the sides of the hump.
  4. schaubster

    Remove ACC on ignition

    The ignition key switch is going out on my 1973 CB450 so I was thinking of buying this RFID Transponder along with a relay to replace my ignition key switch. The thing is that there are several wires that come out of the ignition switch and I was thinking of removing the ACC selection since I...
  5. schaubster

    Headlight Ring

    I bought a headlight bucket from Roc City. Per Sean's suggestion I bought a headlight ring off a 1972 cb350. Unfortunately this bike had a weird 6.5" headlamp. The headlight bucket is 7" wide. Is there another headlight ring I can put on this that will allow me to use a more common headlight...
  6. schaubster

    Little Wiring Help for Beer (Seattle)

    I am working my way through the wiring on my CB450 and am having a little trouble. Would anyone with this experience be willing to hang out with me for an evening to troubleshoot some of this? Plenty of beer of your choice will be supplied!
  7. schaubster

    Wiring Diagram Explanation

    Just to clarify this is an ask not a tutorial. I am re-wiring my bike and have some confusion about what to connect and what not to. For example: The diagram shows the 2 orange wires for the turn signal not intersecting. But I do not understand how the system works if they don't. Also, how...
  8. schaubster

    Installing Throttle Cables on Mikunis

    I am installing some some Mikuni VM32 carbs on my bike but am unsure how to attach the universal cable to them. Would anyone happen to have a picture illistrating how to do this?
  9. schaubster

    Craigslist CB450 PORTED RACE HEAD

    What do you all think of this? Should I get it?
  10. schaubster

    Choosing Muffler for cb450

    I am working on my exhaust system of my 73 CB450 right now. I acquired a set of single wall headers from ebay and have modified them from a 2-1 into a 2-2 system. I am thinking of keeping the mufflers underneath the bike. I have 2 idea's for the muffler: 1. Buy some shorty reverse cones...
  11. schaubster

    Wing Logo with Backwards "R"???

    I saw a bike with a wing logo that had a backwards "R" in it. What motorcycle builder is this?
  12. schaubster

    Where to buy cb450 rocker arms

    The rocker arms on my 1973 cb450 are pretty worn. Any idea where I can get new ones? I searched ebay and didn't find anything and I know THR has some but I'm afraid to ask how much they are :P Any other sources for these elusive parts?
  13. schaubster

    Need mobile welder in SeaTac Saturday

    I live in SeaTac and need a mobile welder to help remove a few stuck bolts this Saturday. Anyone know someone that could do this?
  14. schaubster

    Who wants to make a tank for my 73 cb450?

    So I have been slowly building my 73 cb450 and I have been thinking a lot about the body work. I really like the BCR Pinas tank but the high cost and seemingly low quality make me question it. Anyone interested in making a steel or aluminum tank for my cb450 similiar to the pinas tank? Any...
  15. schaubster

    35mm CNC Clip-ons $65 + shipping -SOLD

    I bought these clip-ons for my bike but decided not to use them. These fit 35 mm forks and has adjustable angles.
  16. schaubster

    bad polishing job?

    I recently had some parts polished by a gentleman i found on craigslist. My parts were dull and a bit scratched but not horrible. When i got them back they didnt look that good to me. Unfortunately i do not have much experience with polishing so i dont know what i should expect. They...
  17. schaubster

    Can the Rear brake arm go either direction?

    I'm working on installing my rearsets on my 73 cb450 and i was wondering if the rear brake arm can work if pulled forward or pushing back.
  18. schaubster

    Gauges! (that fit in the headlight bucket)

    Next question is what gauges are out there. I want one that can fit in the headlight bucket. Digital is preferred so that it will be able to be flush. I know about the acewell but curious if there are others out there.
  19. schaubster

    can you just remove the cam covers?

    This is definitely a nooby question: Can i remove the cam covers easily to polish them? I started to try and take one off until i realized it was probably holding the cam in place. (ie. why it was so hard to pull out). So can you just pull these out and slide them back in the engine.
  20. schaubster

    Headlights! (I want one that I can put a gauge in)

    I know this is tanks & seats but it seemed most logical to talk about headlights. What headlights are people using? I am presently looking for a 7 in. headlight with a built in gauge. Or at least one deep enough where i can cut my own hole. Anyone know of a bike that has one of these...
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