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  1. schaubster

    Ignition switch push button

    I was planning on putting it below the seat. Is there an amp level it needs to be?
  2. schaubster

    Ignition switch push button

    I was actually looking for a on/off switch to replace my keys. This looks like a good one but I believe it is just a momentary one.
  3. schaubster

    Ignition switch push button

    I am removing my keyed ignition switch and replacing it with an ignition button that will be inconspicuously placed. Any suggestions on which to use? I am also wondering how much amperage it needs to handle. Bike: 1973 cb450 Thanks!
  4. schaubster

    Christmas Universal Rear Set Special

    Would I be able to just buy the center stand/ prewar brake rod for the cb450?
  5. schaubster

    520 Chain Conversions for CB350 CL360 CB400 CB450 CB77

    Can I order my 520 conversion kit with a gold chain through DTT or do I need to do it on the moto madness website?
  6. schaubster

    XJ650 Cold cranking amps...?

  7. schaubster

    XJ650 Cold cranking amps...?

    Could I tack on what the minimum would be for a 1973 cb450? AGM
  8. schaubster

    CB550 rearset brackets 74-76

    Would these work on a cb450? If not, have you thought about making something?
  9. schaubster

    Headlight Ring

    No one? Let me ask this another way. I bought a 7" headlight bucket from Roc City and the ring he told me to buy fits a really obscure headlamp size (6.5"). Will this ring fit my bucket?
  10. schaubster

    Bullet vs. Modern Turn Signals

    I should clarify a few things. Those pictures were just rough representations of what each product looked like not what I would actually buy. (I would never get fake carbon anywhere on anything I own.)
  11. schaubster

    Adjustable levers on original controls

    I have a 1973 cb450 and would like some nicer levers. Anyone know if any of the adjustable levers out there fit our bikes?
  12. schaubster

    Bullet vs. Modern Turn Signals

    So I'm debating between classic bullet style turn signals and more modern flush turn signals. They will be attached to the sides of the hump.
  13. schaubster

    Moving the ignition key...Where are you guys putting them?

    great thread! This is just what I was looking for. I recently posted a question about this subject so I might as well ask here as well. The normal key ignition has 2 settingsl; ACC and On. How do you eliminate the ACC setting?
  14. schaubster

    Remove ACC on ignition

    The ignition key switch is going out on my 1973 CB450 so I was thinking of buying this RFID Transponder along with a relay to replace my ignition key switch. The thing is that there are several wires that come out of the ignition switch and I was thinking of removing the ACC selection since I...
  15. schaubster

    Headlight Ring

    I bought a headlight bucket from Roc City. Per Sean's suggestion I bought a headlight ring off a 1972 cb350. Unfortunately this bike had a weird 6.5" headlamp. The headlight bucket is 7" wide. Is there another headlight ring I can put on this that will allow me to use a more common headlight...
  16. schaubster

    Wiring Diagram Explanation

    I noticed some of these other manuals do not explicitly state when a connector joins all the wire and when it doesn't. Obviously if the wires are different colors then not but if they are the same color should I be connecting the wires? Maybe someone can look at these diagrams and then their...
  17. schaubster

    Honda CB450 "Layered" Color Wiring Diagram *FIXED*

    Question: If you have 2 wires of the same color going into a connector with 2 other wires of the same color (all the wires are black), should they all join to gether?
  18. schaubster

    Wiring Diagram Explanation

    Frogman - It is the Clymer manual! Thanks for the suggestions. Gald I'm not the only one confused by this. This diagram is really unclear about when a connector joins the wires or not and some these just seem wrong. I really appreciate all the help. Sidenote: I should really start a...
  19. schaubster

    Wiring Diagram Explanation

    Does the connector imply that all the wires join together? For example: when you have 2 black wires go into a connector and 2 black come out of it. Do all 4 wires connect to each other?
  20. schaubster

    Little Wiring Help for Beer (Seattle)

    I am working my way through the wiring on my CB450 and am having a little trouble. Would anyone with this experience be willing to hang out with me for an evening to troubleshoot some of this? Plenty of beer of your choice will be supplied!
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