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    MotoFiaccone RD400 For sale

    So with a heavy heart, I need to let my Bike EXIF-featured ( RD400 go. She was a joy to build and share with this group, but she needs to go nonetheless. The ask is $4k, and she needs a new...
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    MotoFiaccone Bike Raffle

    Hi All: As some of you know, my best friend broke his neck. He is (was) an off duty cop at a pub enjoying a pint with his dad when he attempted to break up a fight. The guy has four kids and a wife, and will basically never return to work. He does have slight arm movement and some tingles...
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    To the darkside?

    Hi All: So a few weeks ago, my best friend since middle school got badly hurt. He was a good Oklahoma country boy that had a great career. So he decides to leave that behind and become an OKC cop. One night he was having a beer with his dad, and a fight broke out. The bartender knew he was a...
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    Hi All: I could use some help. I have this project: that badly needs a headlight--a huge headlight. Thing is, it's a 6v bike. Ideally, I'll use a 7 or 8" 6v headlight, but those are hard to find. Please let me know if you are aware of one...
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    Nice forks And cheap (at time of posting) too. Could be cool for your cafe... --Chris
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    MotoFiaccone Bob--Feb 2011 update

    Ha! WTF am I doing over here? I know, right? Well, here she is: 1980 something Suzuki SP125. A dirt bike. One of my best friends from grade school gave her to me. He told me it was a 2 stroke, but when I picked her it, I quickly realized she was a four. A long story, but suffice to say, I owe my...
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    MotoFiaccone SR500?

    Hey all: I found an SR500 10 miles from me. The guy is asking $500; I offered $300. I need a project like a hole in the head, but the bike is cheap and they are very popular right now. I figured I could flip it for good money. The guy got back to me and said nothing lower than $400. Here's...
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    Killer Article

    I got an email through my website from a kid in California that was going to be in Dallas for a few days. He wanted to stop by and see the projects. It didn't work out, but he sent me this article, which I found rather profound. Check it out...
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    Hi all: I set up a facebook account here: Hit me up for a friend request. I look forward to seeing you there. --Cheers, Chris
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    CL-Style Pipes

    Hi: I was wrapping up Kiley's exhaust ( and decided to make some CL-style pipes. Right now, they are just tacked up, but I'm curious what you folks think. Tomorrow morning, I'll purge weld them. The pipes are 304 stainless steel, 16ga. Thanks...
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    MotoFiaccone Track

    Hi All: I was posting things back and forth to Go! a few months ago and threw a couple shirts in the box. This is a pic of her dashing boyfriend/fiance/husband/whatever at a track day. They make great undershirts :) I get request from time to time for my MotoFiaccone shirts, and I typically...
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    High Pipes

    Hi All: Kanticoy order a set of bespoke MotoFiaccone pipes for his CB360 project. I'm borrowing the DropBars LoudBike for a few weeks to build the pipes and had an idea: I have enough material in stock to make some CL-style high pipes in 304 stainless. So the options are: 1.) Build some high...
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    Davida Helmet Cheap!!

    Hey guys. I bought a couple of Davida helmets and don't need the white one anymore. So I'm selling it for $200, which is really cheap for a Davida. The helmet is size is Large, and it is in exquisite condition.
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    My Lids

    Hey guys: Check out the two new helmets I bought. I was really in the market for a full-faced, but this opportunity came up so I seized it. I'm keeping the black helmet. The white helmet was supposed to be for my wife, but it was too big. Besides, she really wants a Ruby Polka Dot. So I'm...
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    Have any of you ever....

    Have any of you guys building these bikes ever taken them off road? Well, I ask that but I suppose there are street trackers and dirt trackers. So what are you guys building? Seems like it would be easy to set up an ad hoc dirt track. FWIW, I did 85mph on the salt, and it was surprisingly...
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    MotoFiaccone/DropBars Photos

    Hi All: Kit (Mysta2) and I rode out to the salt flats in Oklahoma and took some photos. These are some photos of us riding. Ignore the douchey shots of me. I left the RD400 at home and took the CL350 with my new exhaust system and aluminum seat covered by agirlnamedgo. Kit took his LoudBike, of...
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    Stainless exhaust

    Hi All: Some of you may remember, but I made a stainless 2-1 exhaust a few months back. That exhaust was a proof of concept and a training tool for customer exhausts. As such, this one has gone spare. Someone is going to get this one for a steal. Here are the specs: 100% back-purged, TIG...
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    SOLD****Cafe Racer Seats****SOLD

    Hey All: I switched to one of my aluminum seats on my cafe racer, so the old seat is spare. It is drilled, ready for mounting. It is also painted BMW MINI Pepper White (PPG) and has a tough PPG clearcoat on it. The foam is included. It is pretty much a bolt and go affair, but final mounting is...
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    Lochranns Photos

    Hi All: A couple weeks ago, I worked with my local pub, lochrann's ( to do a photoshoot. I spend way too much time at this pub and got to be good friends with the staff. These are the photos we took--well, most of them. We literally took hundreds. Let me know what you...
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    Favorite DTT Builds

    I know everyone is partial to their own builds, but it might be nice to see what others' like as well. Here are my favorite builds on this forum: 1.) Mysta2: 2.) Uniac: 3.) Sausage Mahoney...
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