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  1. pidjones

    For Mother's Day - post a picture of your mom and your bike

    Here is mom and my RD400 back in ~1978. (and one when we ere a bit younger)
  2. pidjones

    Pinch off another loaf

    Picked up this turd in Kentucky for a Winter project (appropriate that I should pick it up on the first day of winter). GL1000s I've had are a '77 back in '04, a '78 with '75 motor (the Hunley), a junker '79 that I salvaged a few parts from and still have a few, a '79 that is set up for being...
  3. pidjones

    I hate brakes

    But for the first time, I have gone through the front brakes on a GL1000 (GoldWing) and in less than half a day have full fist. What changed? Not certain, but I believe that it was a combination of; flushing the lines with brake cleaner followed by compressed air, hooking up the freshly cleaned...
  4. pidjones

    78/79 GL1000 headers FOUND!

    The '79 GL1000 that I am working on came with aftermarket SS headers that are 1-2" too long to fit up to the stock mufflers that I have. So, I'm looking for a set of stock headers. Preferably with heat shields but just a solid set will do. USA please. 37716 ZIP.
  5. pidjones

    79 GL1000 "Freedom" (since I was discharged from USN in '79)

    So, at least I can start the thread - hasn't inspired a name yet. And photos will wait until I can extract it from its parking spot in the junked-up family room. Anyway, I've wanted to do one for a while. I'm quite partial to the early naked 'wings. The Hunley - my '78 frame with '75 engine -...
  6. pidjones

    GL1000 stuff

    Just by chance, if one of you is stripping down a '78 or '79 GoldWing - I need the front badge that goes over the brake splitter. Actually, I just need the badge saying HONDA, I have the rest. Also need the chrome grab-bar that goes around the back of the seat. Trying to do a semi-faithful...
  7. pidjones

    Vintage motorcycle show April 20 in Knoxville, TN

    If you are in the vicinity of Knoxville (TN) tomorrow (April 20), stop by Honda on Clinton Highway 10 am - 2 pm and check out the beautiful bikes the Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club is showing. If it rains (seems likely), it will be in the covered area behind the service department.
  8. pidjones

    Space - will we end up letting Russia have it?

    Been watching the Crew Dragon Demo 1, and wondering - if a Green New Deal goes through, what will it do to our space program?
  9. pidjones

    '79 - '82 CB750F or CB900F tail cowl BROKEN OK!

    The "whale tail" on my rat rod '79 CB750F has been patched/doctored with over 3 pounds of Bondo. Looks awful and is falling apart (Bondo does not adhere well to ABS). I'd like to find a tail that is all there - doesn't matter if it is busted up since this is not a pretty project and I've had...
  10. pidjones

    Ok, this has me worried.

    A PO of this '79 CB750F swapped forks to leading axle forks. What from I'm not certain, but suspect an '82 CB750C or a CB900C. Either way, they are 37mm fork tubes. Yeah, in 35mm trees. Did they bore the trees? No, they spread them. Seem to have pretty good contact all around the tubes, but it...
  11. pidjones

    CB750 rat bike?

    Looked at a '79 CB750F today that has been setting out (uncovered) behind a mobile home for at least two years. He has title for it. Looks like about 1/16" of paint is peeling up from the tank, but the seat looks fair and it all appears to be there. Forks have minor rust above where the seals...
  12. pidjones

    Barber 2018

    The wife and I are thinking about doing the museum at Barber and Friday/Saturday of the vintage weekend. Probably ride the GL1800 down on Wednesday, tour the museum on Thursday, then take in the track action Friday and Saturday. Probably stay at a motel about 30 minutes away (we are NOT campers...
  13. pidjones

    HF 40X48 trailer into a GoldWing hauler

    Harbor Freight stopped selling all trailers (don't know if they will resume selling once their recalls are corrected or not), but I bought this one several years ago and it has been setting in boxes in a shed. Just bolted the frame together a couple nights back. Holding the wheels and axle off...
  14. pidjones

    Emgo Slash-Cut Mufflers and Cycle Standard 3-Piece Mounting Clamps

    Used these on my GL1000 build. Mufflers look great, and the clamps were perfect for mounting the mufflers. I just had to cut ~ 1" of the end of the chrome bar that came with the mufflers and drill holes for the bolts that go through the clamps. I used fiberglass cloth tripled over and doped it...
  15. pidjones

    the Hunley or, pidjones needed a retirement project

    Actually, it started back in 2013 when I saw a 1978 GoldWing on Craigslist for a decent price. Basket case? I wish! It would have saved me a lot of disassembly time, and I would have seen a lot more of the ugliness before. So, as new projects go I piled on for a few months. First to be attacked...
  16. pidjones

    Thank You for Your Service!

    To all of my brothers and sisters that are serving, or have served. To all of those left to keep the home on their own. Most of all to those who lost someone who gave it all - Thank You for our Freedoms!
  17. pidjones

    Bye bye, Flo!

    Received my renewal notice from Progressive today - they INCREASED my premium on the 2006 GL1800 by over $50! The accompanying paperwork sez that it is because (this really tans my 61 year-old hide) I haven't taken out an auto loan in over ten years! (Hell, no, I paid cash!) Call my State Farm...
  18. pidjones

    THANKS for your service!

    I know that many of you are serving or have served in the armed forces of your country. To you, and to those that "kept the home fires burning", a big THANKS! Sent from my LePanII using Tapatalk 2
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