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  1. pidjones

    Not a normal choice for a café

    I guess reserve lighting unit is the proper name. A pack of resistors that go along with diodes to switch light filaments should one headlight filament burn out. Something fancy extra that they added and then removed. Oh, and also check the frame cross member that the center stand mounts on...
  2. pidjones

    Not a normal choice for a café

    Let me recommend a forum dedicated to the old girls: - very helpful guys there and links to shop manuals and such. The '76 has the terrible emergency lighting setup but that site has instructions on how to disable it. They also have a new-to-you GoldWing section and Shoptalk that...
  3. pidjones

    Help identifying part.

    Was rough enough that the points were turning my test light on/off within a few degrees while setting static time. Just for one cylinder, so that point must run on a different part of the cam than the other. Had to chuck it on the lathe, lay a single-cut mill file on it then 1200 grit followed...
  4. pidjones

    CB360T resto-rection

    The washers that go through grommets that have a tube attached to keep you from crushing the grommet. Also called a collar washer.
  5. pidjones

    1983 Kawasaki LTD 440 brat/tracker

    Smelled good, too? At least it didn't look like this:
  6. pidjones

    Help identifying part.

    Point cam. I just finished polishing one for my '79 GL1000.
  7. pidjones

    CB360T resto-rection

    Some grommets are available from aftermarket dealers, some may still be in Honda's inventory. I've used a Harbor Freight grommet kit for some and hardware store for others. The setting washers can be faked with a flat washer and piece of tubing. Make sure you only lubricate side cover grommets...
  8. pidjones

    why keep it normal 78 goldwing slow build...

    It appears that you have removed the stamped section and replaced it with a hoop to help slim her rather generous butt appearance. A rear shot would confirm that. For reference, here is a stock '78 frame:
  9. pidjones

    Texas Two Step Taco

    BZ! On to 50!
  10. pidjones

    Starting to hate powdercoat

    Some people don't have access to the booths and equipment necessary for 2K spray gun painting. A careful rattle can frame can look just as good. Spraymax 2K clear over it and even lacquer will hold up well. The only thing that I have powdercoated is the wheels on my GL1800, and with over 80k...
  11. pidjones

    why keep it normal 78 goldwing slow build...

    Thoughtful of her, but that will be too soft. The easy to find thing is rebond carpet padding. Better with it chopped off, yes.
  12. pidjones


    Sometimes one of my GL1000s does that, and I can reach down with my hand and find neutral.
  13. pidjones

    GL1100 carb kits: Randakk’s/4into1 same?

    And of course Z1 carries GL1100 intermediate kits (though spendy and including the unnecessary jets).
  14. pidjones

    Show me your wiring for DOHC HONDA

    Yep. They don't like being under water. Even the solenoid on our boat (designed for boats) failed when submerged.
  15. pidjones

    Honda CL360 Floating Donuts Hellride

    I'll punch a preset on this station. Starting to resurect an unhealthy interest in an all-road bike.
  16. pidjones

    GL1100 carb kits: Randakk’s/4into1 same?

    I don't think Randall has any input to the business anymore. Bought out by the same folks that own our sponsor, I think.
  17. pidjones

    Shake the Box CL360/378 - The Hedgehog

    From what I see, he is doing it right.
  18. pidjones

    1983 Kawasaki LTD 440 brat/tracker

    Hope your heat resistant paint is tougher than what I've tried. What I've used handles temps well, but marks up easily. Would like to maybe see this with a satin 2K clearcoat.
  19. pidjones

    aftermarket gas caps

    After cleaning the inside, just spray with your favorite rust preventive. I like fogging oil spray like used to store boat engines. Others use 2 stroke oil, WD40, motor oil, etc. Important to do this quickly after drying out.
  20. pidjones

    garage assembly

    Is that engine hoist handling the moves?
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