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  1. freerideordie

    Cl350 Scrambler:Thigh fryer

    Been a long time since I posted on here, pretty much just gave up since photobucket essentially deleted any photos I had. Anyway, I have too many projects but have gotten back to being responsible and posting some progress. Picked up a pretty clean and running 72 cl350 from a buddy of mine and...
  2. freerideordie

    Project: Reincarnation: cb750 wrecked to modern suspension and fuel injection

    So late last fall I stayed late at work, when I finally decided I should head home, some guy decides he's going to run a red light and ruin my day (and my baby). But it could have been waaaay worse. Long story short I was awarded $10,000 for my bike and Pain and suffering. Sort of a mixed...
  3. freerideordie

    CB500 Bombler (Bobber scrambler) build

    Alright, I swore that when I started my second build that I would actually document this one....and I have already fallen behind. A couple of months ago a friend of mine was moving out of town and sold me his cb500 in boxes for a 100 bucks. first build Having already satisfied my lust for...
  4. freerideordie

    Naked girl+aluminum= Rearsets. Tell me what you think

    I wanted some "out of the ordinary" rear sets so I figured out the dimensions I wanted from footpeg to shift/brake peg, and then drew up the silhouette of a nice, respectable, SMART, young woman around those dimensions. Thus, my rearsets tell me what you think. Here are my originals i did...
  5. freerideordie

    Tulsa, Oklahoma in the house Cb750 cafe pics

    Its about time I introduce myself considering I have been on here for almost two years and have read nearly every single post on the site. I "finished" my bike two summers ago but it seems that every time winter rolls around I get bored and think of something different I want to do. This site...
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