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  1. dg1

    Triumph T160 HELP!

    Going to look at a T160 after work for a buddy. What should I pay attention to? Any advice? Don't know jack about British bikes.
  2. dg1

    DGR Pix

    Post 'em if you got them! Some from the Syracuse ride. Perfect fall day.
  3. dg1

    NOS Carb Kits for 1976 CB750

    Everyone agrees (I think :-\ ) that original equipment is the way to go when it comes to carb parts, but are the o-rings and gaskets still good in an NOS carb rebuild kit that's 30+ years old? Don't they dry out/shrink/get brittle just laying around? That's why I want to change them out to...
  4. dg1

    Hello from Syracuse New York

    Hello from the sunniest place in the U.S. ;) Recently picked up a 1976 XL350 that I'm considering turning into a tracker. Other bikes in my garage currently: 1976 CB750F 1985 CB700SC 2001 FXDL 1981 YZ125 2001 TTR125 2001 TTR90 Found this site while looking for ideas for the 350. The shed...
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