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    Tuning a CR carb on DOHC CB750F

    Hi everyone, my DOHC CB750F project is almost ready. But when tuning the CR carb, it's a huge pain in the ass. My bike has: 31mm CR Special Carb (Yep, I know I screwed up and should have get the 29mm) Moriwaki Full Pipe 4-1 Velocity stacks with filter net and foam Stock CB750F cam and bore...
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    1980 CB750F fork tubes

    I have a pair of bent fork tubes so I will need a replacement. If anyone who has a pair of straight fork tubes please let me know. Thanks!
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    CB750 DOHC Fork Interval Question(New problem updated)

    Hi, on my way putting up the CB750 I started last year, after installing the triple tree and fork legs, I found that the fork interval is not equal - they are not parallel. The top interval is as much as 1' wider than the bottom(5.8' vs 4.8'). Is this a problem? If so, how should I fix it before...
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    1980 CB750F rear brake piston: 41mm?

    Hi, when rebuilding my cb750F rear brake caliper I found that the rear brake piston is taller than the ones for the front (41mm vs 35mm) due to having thinner brake pads. I bought 3 sets of EBC brake pads and new 35mm pistons for the brake calipers since I didn't know this until I disassemble...
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    CB750F missing wheel assembly parts - What to do?

    Hi guys, trying to convert my CB750F dohc (1980) into a cafe. I sent the wheels to powder coating and had them to remove the bearings for me. Now it's time to assemble the wheels and put bearings in, however, after examine my parts carefully, I found that I am missing some parts: 44620-410-000...
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    Where to find DOHC CB750 swingarm thrust?

    Hi, in my process to rebuild my DOHC cb750f, however found that I'm missing two swingarm thrust. Did my research and found that it'd be very dangerous without them as the swingarm would go side ways and therefore cause a speed wobble. The parts (52109-425-831) are no longer available from all...
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    cb750f dohc 1980 comstar front wheel direction?

    Hi, I have a pair of rim currently in the shop waiting to get new stem and tires. But there's one problem: neither the mechanic nor me know which way the front wheel is facing so he can't get the tire right other than take a 50/50 guess. Is there any kind 1980 CB750F owners would like to share...
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    CB750 DOHC triple tree restoration?

    Hi guys, I have a CB750F Dohc that has a really rusty and bad looking top/lower triple tree. I took them off the frame and wanted to derust and repaint them. My question is how do you separate the lower triple tree from the stem? I don't have any specialty tools for this, is this doable? Thanks!!
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    Cb750f dohc oil filter housing installation

    Hi guys, my cb750f dohc came with an oil cooler hooking between the oil filter housing. I took it off and wanted to throw it away as it was in crappy condition. But I found that without the oil cooler, My oil filter housing can't be twisted all the way in. The oil cooler seems like works as a...
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    Getting a new carb for CB750dohc

    Hi guys, I have a question for my project, a 1980 CB750F dohc. When I first bought the bike, it came with the stock CV carbs and a set of 4 K&N air pods. I know they don't go alone so I'm thinking of getting the Cognitomoto airbox. Yesterday, I went to the Motorcycle show in Long Beach, CA...
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    Chooing Rattle can for painting job - Which Brand?

    Hi DTT, I'm new to here. I recently started my CB750 Cafe project and I am now at the time about to start painting. I know to achieve best result I suppose to powdercoat the frame but due to $$$ reasons I decided to go for rattle can. Is there any good brand you guys have good experience of ...
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    How to fix down a fiberglass seat pan?

    Hi, DTT, I'm new here. Just finished my first fiberglass seat pan and I think it turns out to be pretty neat! Just one question: how do I fix it down onto the frame to avoid impacts from road surface? I was thinking to put some foam in between the seat pan and the frame but that would make the...
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