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    Vapor blasting/honing

    Hello folks, After rebuilding my 1980 CB750C I decided I wanted to tear it down and do a full restoration including getting the frame powder coated and cleaning the carbs and engine block to a "factory new" look. After about 30 minutes of cleaning and polishing the cam shaft cover I decided that...
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    Installing cam chain guide without pulling head [1980 CB750C DOHC]

    Hello folks, I recently did a top rebuild of my engine and for reasons I would not like to get into, the cam chain tensioner guide was not installed. Do I have to pull the head off to install it or is there a possibility to avoid that? I have attached a picture of the part if I am using the...
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    Engine will only start with handlebars to the left [80 CB750 Custom]

    Hello folks! Just as the subject states, the bike will only start if I point the front wheel to the left. Initially, I had a range on the left side where the engine would start but now I have to point the wheel all the way to the left. My best guess is that there is a worn-down cable somewhere...
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    Looking for a friend (not that kind) - Bay Area, California

    Hello forum! Despite my mother telling me not to meet with strangers online, I am looking for someone who owns a CB750 DOHC Custom in the Bay Area. I am currently working on a barn project and would love to get up close and personal with a complete and working bike. I am fairly laid back...
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    1980 CB750C Restoration

    Hey Forum! Much to my fiancé’s laughs in disbelief, I bought a complete project bike, the bike it self has not ran for about 20 years. As you can see the bike does not only need some tlc but also parts... I am a complete novice when it comes to bikes and gas engines so you cannot dumb things...
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