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  1. DesmoDog

    2003 Aprilia RSV-R Trackbike with street parts included

    I bought this a couple years ago to get back into doing trackdays after 20 years. I’ve ridden it (novice group) maybe five times since then and have decided that for how often I can get out I’ll use one of my streetbikes instead. Michigan title in my name. 37xxx miles OZ forged aluminum wheels...
  2. DesmoDog

    Making a 12" Cone Engineering exhaust quieter?

    Yeah... there's a reason all the stock mufflers you see are so big. There is no secret way to quiet things down with a short muffler aside from adding restriction. In the automotive world the rule of thumb is if you want a quiet exhaust you need ten times the engine displacment in the mufflers...
  3. DesmoDog

    Best way to bend this seat pan

    I used what looks like the same type of foam pidjones did. The upholstery guy I used recommened it and it turned out to be more comfy than I was expecting. I used a carving knife and a belt sander to shape mine. Ended up doing it in seperate pieces and gluing them together, worked out fine...
  4. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    This is how it sat on Friday anyway. Imagine that in a dark garage and you've got it today.
  5. DesmoDog

    Clip-Ons: 10 degree vs. 7 degree?

    I put "flatter" bars on my 996 and it made a huge difference in comfort. It felt like the stock bars were making me try to touch my elbows together or something. But, it's different for everyone. No one can tell you what will work best for you. I remember years ago there were some BMW bars...
  6. DesmoDog

    Electric motorcycle

    I toyed with the idea of using a Ducati 907ie as a donor for one. Square tube frame with removable cradle (on one side anyway?). Full bodywork to hide everything, big tank that could have it's bottom cut out so it could be used as a cover. Relatively cheap considering the components on it. This...
  7. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    That one's been seen here before... I think...
  8. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Actually the suspension is back on now. The whole flying bike thing didn't work out.
  9. DesmoDog

    Get rid of charging system on cb360

    I don't know if you're planning on using a lithium battery but I suspect you are? Keep in mind they don't follow the same rules as lead acid batteries. The EarthX over-discharge protection kicks in (internally disconnects the battery from the circuit) at somewhere around/above 11.5 volts.
  10. DesmoDog

    Get rid of charging system on cb360

    Why not? Because sitting in traffic worrying about the battery going dead sucks? Because those fancy lightweight lithium cells can be damaged by discharging them too far? Because kickstarting the bike in the street after you shut it off to conserve battery life at the train crossing isn't the...
  11. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    No. No it is most certainly NOT JIM Belushi. Do not make me come over there and smack you two... JIM Belushi was not even IN Animal House. I don't recall if anyone even knew who Jim Belushi was when Animal House came out. If he was known then, he was mostly known as being JOHN Belushi's...
  12. DesmoDog

    New guy, here is my collection

    Well would ya look at that. Slow day with not much going on so I was poking around the site and saw this post... things have changed. These have all been sold: 907ie 996 750GT 160 Monza 900ss But a few others have shown up in their place 1991 851. It saw track day duty when my dedicated bike...
  13. DesmoDog

    Pet pics...

    Time to resurrect this thread. The Ollie dog!
  14. DesmoDog

    Cb350 stripped spark plug hole, use one size bigger plug?

    I prefer Time-serts over Helicoil but either one is better than going to a larger plug IMHO. A different type of plug for each cylinder? Yeah... no.
  15. DesmoDog

    What bikes are the most collectible in 20 years time?

    While not exactly false this is more than a little misleading. I realize your endurance race comment was tongue in cheek but to the uninformed, the bevel 750 SS was Ducati's first twin and won it's first race out of the box. So Ducati didn't have to wait long for Smart to "do ok" on one. That...
  16. DesmoDog

    1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr

    Poking around the new site and noticed this in my sig... Doesn't seem like six years since I posted about it. Time flies when youp're having fun. I don't have this bike anymore but I kinda miss it. Not to ride, I just like looking at it. Oh well. In other news, I saw a 160 up for sale, the guy...
  17. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    My projects have been dormant for quite a while now, but I swear I'll get to them... someday...
  18. DesmoDog

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    After using oxy/acetylene for the past 20 years or so I finally decided to step up to 1950's tech. Since then I also added a tank and a cart, so if I ever cleaned my shop enough not to burn it down with random sparks I could actually MIG weld at this point.
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