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  1. doc_rot

    1980 GS550E + 2000 Katana 750

    Its a pain in the ass to check the plugs on these engines. what coils/plugs/igintion are you using? there were ignition changes in the various years and its not all compatible. Its possible its breaking up at certain RPM. I have the same issue on my gsxr with the choke cable. If it pisses me...
  2. doc_rot

    ebay aluminum foot pegs

    35ftlbs is quite a bit for a 8mm bolt. Basically the force from the footpeg will pull the bolt head to zero clamping force. which means the bolt will deflect and any deflection is bad as it causes fatigue.
  3. doc_rot

    ebay aluminum foot pegs

    exactly. A long as you have 12mm of thread engagement you will be OK. the axis of the threaded hole is perpendicular to the end of the peg so it is square. This end of the peg needs a surface to clamp to, it will make it significantly stronger. Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) is used in...
  4. doc_rot

    "Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750

    That MSD ignition is very cool but the with the coils, trigger, plugs, and cable for conencting PC your in almost $1500! I mean Im all about splurging on these bikes, but damn thats a tough pill to swallow.
  5. doc_rot

    ebay aluminum foot pegs

    I am kinda surprised they are selling pegs with a single 8mm bolt at all. 8mm is a little too flimsy for my taste. Remember that the effective diameter of the bolt is not 8mm, the diameter of the minor threads is probably more like 6.5mm. So you really lost more like 3.5mm. I don't know what...
  6. doc_rot

    xs650 Sumotrack

    .040 is on the edge its better to be at .035"
  7. doc_rot

    ebay aluminum foot pegs

    That cast piece is probably pretty soft and seems a bit spindly for this application. Have you tried jumping on the pegs?
  8. doc_rot

    1980 GS550E + 2000 Katana 750

    Motion pro does custom cables. but not cheap or fast. look at a bandit 6 or 12 for possible cable replacement. Despite what many people say its possible to get CV carbs to work well with pod filters, i suspect there are several issues in the carbs making it hard to diagnose your problem. Have...
  9. doc_rot

    Is changing valve springs and guides necessary?

    Guides only need to be replaced if they are worn. The valve springs are probably OK as well but they are almost 40 years old. I usually replace them as it is cheap insurance against valve float and potential damage.
  10. doc_rot

    Dirtbag Oil-Boiler

    Seat it mostly there. Gotta figure out my taillight mount and its done. I went way overboard on the mounting system because i wanted it to be quick release but also hidden.
  11. doc_rot

    saving a 1980 KZ750 twin

    Thought I'd share this observation here for interested parties. The late model connecting rods are a much more refined design, bigger and smoother radii everywhere. It may not seem like much but these details make for a significantly stronger rod.
  12. doc_rot

    Kawasaki Z650 Seventies Special

    If you want to spice it up with something different than DOHC supply a vector drawing of this points cover.
  13. doc_rot

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    I had one of those KZ400s. fun little bike but not enough power for me. The brown is the "Deluxe" which means it came with a factory fairing and saddle bags. hopefully your front brake is in good shape beacuse parts are very hard to come by.
  14. doc_rot

    Texas Two Step Taco

    I meant for this bultaco application. Im reasonably confident i can make it work for me but it will take some machining and welding.
  15. doc_rot

    Texas Two Step Taco

    Whoa that is a serious knowledge dump on clutches! thanks for sharing John its always great to get info from people doing real testing. I have run into a similar problem on a project bike of mine (stock clutch cannot handle doubling the power) I have been considering grafting a clutch basket...
  16. doc_rot

    Choosing correct master cylinder

    the chart is a only a guide. Use the calculation to determine what you need. 8 live pistons for a total area of 5115 mm2. a 16mm MC would put you at a 25.4/1 ratio. which is ideal.
  17. doc_rot

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    I have successfully bent 16ga steel in this fashion. remember you are not completing the bend in one strike. 16 GA is clearly strong. My question was on the mounting system was in relation to what tolerances for fit are acceptable. everyone's opinion will be different in that regard.
  18. doc_rot

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    its very easy to get a radius bend like that using a wooden "slapper" and a T-bar. you can make both quite easily in a home shop, altough welder is required for T-bar. How are you attacheing the seat? it may be advisable to add some sturcture to give it rigidity against the forces of the seat...
  19. doc_rot

    Choosing correct master cylinder

    determine the ratio of disk to tire size from old to new and use that to guide your mc/caliper ratio selection. Weight of the wheel is not of an issue with "feel" it just takes longer to brake. I shoot for 25-27:1 for my custom brake setups and they have all worked very well with 17", 18", or...
  20. doc_rot

    how solid is this rotor adapter setup

    more than adequate. these bolts will mostly see shear forces.
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