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  1. o1marc

    Durable Spray Chrome

    Creative Candy Powder Coating has added the FutureChrome system to my line up. If anyone is interested in having anything needing the chrome redone or any plastic, metal, fiberglass parts chromed in any color it can now be done at a fraction of the time and expense of chrome plating and it is...
  2. o1marc

    Yeti/Ozark Trail,Cooler Cups

    I posted this at TriumphRat, but I can do other bike brand logos also, message me for details. Don't know why I didn't offer these sooner here for Christmas. I have Yeti and Ozark Trail cooler cups with the Triumph logo on them for sale. Right now the main ones are done in a durable Matte Black...
  3. o1marc

    Triumph Boyer Box Mounting Plate Kit

    I'm now offering the Boyer Box mounting plate kit for Triumph Bonnevilles available for sale on eBay for $29.95 for the kit which includes the plate, mounting hardware and the velcro. Forum members can purchase the kit through me here for $21 with free shipping in the continental USA, or the...
  4. o1marc

    Triumph Kimtab Swap

    Just finished the Kimtab swap on the 70 Triumph. Think these are going to work nicely. Waiting on custom bride steel brake lines.
  5. o1marc

    Caswell Tank Sealer Sale

    Just got an email that Caswell is offering their tank sealer at a 30% discount right now. A deal that should not be passed up if you need a sealer. It's the best out there. Sale ends midnight Sunday.
  6. o1marc

    CB750 Rear Fiberglass Fender

    Stock type early CB750 fiberglass rear fender with Brit style tail light. Has stock style molded lip. $50
  7. o1marc

    F**k The BLM

    Apparently the BLM is not happy about being badmouthed and have threatened to cancel all racing for 2016 on the salt. We've already sent our entrance fees and talked to Mike Cook yesterday who was on the salt and said it was looking good fro racing...
  8. o1marc

    How do you turn brake hubs?

    What is the common process for turning brake drums on a bike. I'm told it has to be done after lacing and truing or truing the wheel will pull the hub out of round. This seems to me that every time you true a wheel it will need to be turned again because it will have been pulled out of round.
  9. o1marc

    You want Clown Shoes, These Are Clown Shoes

    How about some farm tractor tires. This is my buddies bike. He say's it handles well, has ribs for smooth highway riding and knobby sidewalls for off roading. Tires must weigh 40-50lbs ea.
  10. o1marc

    Fonzie's triumph

    Fonzie from Happy Days 1949 Triumph TR5 is being auction. Was it here recently that we were discussing his 1970 Trophy that was for sale? If so can someone post a link to the thread, I can't find it.
  11. o1marc

    Rattle Can Jeep Rescue Green

    Had an aerosol can of the Jeep Rescue Green mixed up to see how close it was to the stock Triumph Spring Gold. The technology in metallics has come so far since the 70's This green actually has 7 colors and metallics in the formula. The transition gets a gold pinstripe and then a clear coat on top.
  12. o1marc

    1970 Triumph Tiger 650

    I took a trip last week to Calif. to pick up my Triumph and Norton/Kawasaki to start the build process. The Norton/Kawasaki will be made roadworthy and then flipped, the Triumph will be my daily driver. First order of business is to swap on a set of dual disc Kimtabs front and single disc rear...
  13. o1marc

    Thin Brake Calipers

    I saw one in my search but can't remember now what it came off of. Looking for a fixed 4 piston slim caliper to clear the spokes on my wheels. Something with a solid mount. I tried to fit a set of late model Triumph Hinkley calipers to my 70 Meridan TR6R and they are too wide and hit the...
  14. o1marc

    SOLD 1969 Sand Cast CB750 Frame and Engine cases On eBay SOLD

    Frame: Engine cases:
  15. o1marc

    Dual Disc Fork Legs

    I know this is subjective, but from the list below what would be the best choice for dual disc forks on a 380lb bike? I'm mounting a Kimtab with dual discs onto the Triumph and don't see an easy way to mount dual calipers on the lower legs. I can swap in a set of 35mm forks with calipers and...
  16. o1marc

    Ebay Score on a Kimtab

    Scored another Kimtab on Ebay for $300. I think it had no traffic because it was listed as only "motorcycle rim" instead of "Kimtab". Lately these have been bringing $500 minimum and lately $650 seems about average. and that is usually for just the bare wheel with no bearing carriers or other...
  17. o1marc

    35mm Fork Compatibility

    I want dual discs on the sand cast. I will have the Kimtabs and want something better than the stock CB750 caliper. Since I probably have to custom make bearing carriers and adapt the stock CB speedo drive I figured it would be just as easy to swap another bikes forks into the 35mm trees. What...
  18. o1marc

    New 4LS Drum

    Was it a member here who was working on making a new 4ls drum in the UK. I can't find the thread on it.
  19. o1marc

    2 new ones

    First off will be this 1959 Norton Manx sporting a 75 Kawasaki H2 750 widow maker engine in it. Awesome bike. Then I have to find the top end for the 69 Bonneville and restore it.
  20. o1marc

    Canadians Getting New $2 Coin

    NEWS FROM CANADA The Royal Canadian Mint has just announced they are going to remove the polar bear from the 'Toonie' (two dollars) in view of its demise soon with global warming. In the height of political correctness, they will replace it with two gay deer. Instead of calling it a...
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