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  1. TurdFurguson

    Speedhut 3-3/8 GPS Speedometer

    Had this on my RD but without a battery it was finicky. Hooked it up to a battery so you could get pics of it booting and after getting signal and the dashlights. I cant find the instructions but you can get them online from their website, will be happy to send a link if you need...
  2. TurdFurguson

    1989 GSX-R750 Bikini Girl Poster Bike

    Why not, we all loved them when we were young (or younger). Getting impossible to find the old Slingshot GSXR bikes and I wanted one, wanted one for along time. I also have a problem where I dont like buying bikes that cost money up front, but instead really like to buy cheap bikes that cost...
  3. TurdFurguson

    Assorted MT250, RD350, GT750, RD250 parts

    Lots of assorted parts Trying to clear out some space and looking to sell off some spare parts. Multiple items listed on ebay, make me an offer where I dont lose 20% to ebay. MT250 Throttle Cable, Headlight, oil tank cap, cylinder and head, chain...
  4. TurdFurguson

    77 KZ650 B1 Petcock alternative

    Anyone have an idea on a alternative for the KZ650 B1 petcock (right petcock in the picture)? It was a 1 year only petcock, and it cant be rebuilt since its just a worm that turns vs the 4 holes like every other petcock. They are impossible to find, so im needing something else to fit...
  5. TurdFurguson

    1975 MT250 $1500

    Build theread is on DTT Asking $1500
  6. TurdFurguson

    Life of lilp

    Just wanted to get a little love out there for lilp
  7. TurdFurguson

    This forum is boring

    The indiana forum is pretty dead, just through I would post something new. Attached is @Tifun's white leg
  8. TurdFurguson

    The Reunion (Old Rockers Reunion) Date Announced!

    Looks like the show has new management, and a new name. Trying to grow the audience out of the 'rockers' theme of the past. Not sure how I feel about that, I liked it being about vintage bikes. We will see what comes of it, anyways its June 10th back at fountain square...
  9. TurdFurguson

    WTB: CB160 motor

    As the title states, im looking for a CB160 motor! CL160 is obviously the same so that will be accepted as well. Looking to transplant it.
  10. TurdFurguson

    Another build thread? Why the fuck not! KZ650 daily driver build.

    Wanted to replace my 02VFR with something without vtec to simplify my life. To save on bills I decided to go vintage and I found this nice looking 77 KZ650. Had stayed away from DOHC bikes until now for simplicity sake but for a daily decided that it would make for a smoother ride. Got the bike...
  11. TurdFurguson

    MT250 Budget Build

    Picked up a mostly complete MT250 about a year ago and its been sitting since. With the RD mostly complete these days I think its finally time to get this thing road worthy. Originally I wanted to do a CR top end swap but everything starting adding up to way to much money, so my plan is to try...
  12. TurdFurguson

    Truck bed bike carrier project

    Loading and unloading by myself is a real pain in the pita. Started working on a carrier that fits in the back of the truck to make this process easier. This is a v1 and will need a few renditions but so far seems like it'll be ok. Used wood for now so I can lift carry etc myself, dont want it...
  13. TurdFurguson

    RD Stuff

    After finishing the RD I have a large box of random parts. To much to list, If there is something you need let me know and i'll see if I have it. No engines or motor parts other than a couple of heads. Some i'll give for free some i'll charge a little for. You pay shipping.
  14. TurdFurguson

    New master cylinder help (brake swap)

    Alright, so im running a custom brake setup on the RD project, and ive been trying to research how to select the correct master cylinder setup but I really havent found anything on here or the Googles. Hoping an expert can help clear the muddy waters for everyone. My case, running a single 2...
  15. TurdFurguson

    ISO: Slow Throttle Rate Throttle, something like 2:1

    This is im sure odd, but Im looking for a SLOW throttle rate throttle. So, think I want to have to turn the throttle more for the same pull. Ive seen the motion pro variable throttle, but I think that it really only speeds up the throttle pull, not lower it. Obviously with a normal throttle...
  16. TurdFurguson

    3 NIB Mikuni VM34

    These are brand new in the box, never been on a bike or had gas in them. Bought them for my GT750 build but ended up parting out the bike. $270 + any shipping costs
  17. TurdFurguson

    72 Suzuki GT750 Duel Front Drum 4LS (AHRMA Parts)

    Decided to scrap my GT750 project, so trying to scavenge some money out of the parts. Ive got the entire front end off the bike, its the biggest front drum setup that was made and is considered the best brake for the larger bikes in AHRMA. Only made one year so they are pretty rare. Asking...
  18. TurdFurguson

    Help with fairing mounting

    Looking for help mounting a full fairing. Looking for some pics of how others have done it. I haven't found anything good that doesn't require crazy custom parts. This will be going on an RD
  19. TurdFurguson

    72 Suzuki Buffalo; Project Buffalo Bill(d)

    Well, this project will be like the rest of mine, really fucking slow. However, I am super excited for this. Wanted a Buffalo for along time and I keep seeing people buy them which made me want one more. I had my restored RD for sale and someone finally paid my asking price for it. Having...
  20. TurdFurguson

    1950 International Pannel Truck (Motorcycle Hauler)

    Im trying to sell this old International for my father in law. Not a bike, but it would be the raddest bike hauler out there. Been sitting for years so it needs a gone through but it shouldn't take much to get it back on the road. Looking for 4k, I would get a kickback enough to help support...
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