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  1. beachcomber

    New to me PT Cruiser

    Nothing special for you guys out there, but Cruisers are quite a rare sight on the roads in the UK and still a bit of cheap fun. 2.2 CRD with the Merc diesel powertrain makes it practical and hopefully reliable. The Blue one is my last one I had 4 years ago - lowered and with MG ZT 18" wheels
  2. beachcomber


    Here's wishing all my fellow UK DTT er's a safe outcome to this current crisis. I would have thought with everyone [ most anyway ] unable to go out and socialise that there would be a flurry of postings from various sheds, garages and workshops up and down the country. What you all up to ...
  3. beachcomber


    HELP .... any of my UK based DTT pals. My pal Brian will not be able to put the required build up weld on the header pipe [ 2 spots ] so that we can get it linished and polished looking as one single piece of tube. There's no rush as I have to retrieve the header from Brian's house as and when...
  4. beachcomber

    Welcome to the World my Grand daughter Florence.

    Forgive my indulgence - Florence born at 12.32 am the 8th. April 7.2 lbs under the Super Moon. Congratulations to my daughter Shelby and her husband Charles.
  5. beachcomber

    DPO Repair and Modification - inspired by Pat at Pacomotors.

    "Dreaded Previous Owner" - repairs and modifications [ nightmares ]. I was about to start a thread after reading earlier in the chat room, and then Pat came along and suggested it as well - so I dedicate this one to Pat. There were loads of little anecdotes along this theme which I had...
  6. beachcomber

    Coronavirus - Old Biker's Solution

    yes I know it's serious ....... but.
  7. beachcomber


    Here's wishing all my fellow DTT'ers around the World a Happy Christmas and a healthy and productive New Year. TJ
  8. beachcomber

    Thank Feck you're back !!!

    To ALL the team who have been working so hard to give us the BEST forum out there .... thanx. Please don't go away for so long next time. Look what I've been reduced to !!!!!
  9. beachcomber

    WTF ??????????

    Sorry, don't like the new format. The black screen / white text dazzles ...... it's too stark contrast for me and I cannot scroll up or down. The black / white I'll get used to .... the scrolling is an issue.
  10. beachcomber

    KAY 100 Fighter morphs to Cafe Racer

    Well - nearly 2 years on ..... the bike didn't get sold [ see Streetfighter Thread ], and more importantly, my health has improved to the point where I'm charging on with my KZ750 Twin build ;D [ now a 60's style Cafe Racer - should be over here ?? ] and then my pal asked me if I was going to...
  11. beachcomber


    HELP ....... I saw a posting on here [?] recently where the builder had drilled small holes in the face of the spring caps for lightness. In the good old days for lightening the caps we notched the outer edge every 5 degrees or so with a grinder for the same effect. Never too old to learn [ or...
  12. beachcomber


    Hi Guys, it's been suggested that I should list some of my stuff here - despite being the wrong side of the pond for you lot. I will be posting stuff up with pix, but what might be of interest is that I have 2 excellent sets of English Motorway Police leathers. Never dropped / scuffed and no...
  13. beachcomber


    I'm having yet another clearout !!! I have some ex Police motorway patrol leathers. Extremely good quality and in excellent condition. Trousers are adjustable and would fit from 40" - 44" waist. Jackets are 46" - 48" chest. No damage, not scuffed or dropped. I'll get some pix up soon if...
  14. beachcomber

    Canadian help

    Any of my Canadian cousins help with this ? / I have located a very cheap DARC-2 ignition unit [ $164.99 ] - but they will not ship to the UK or the US !! ::) A lot of ads for this unit are misleading. I need to know that it is the DARC-2 unit...
  15. beachcomber

    Royal Enfield week in Redditch

    Redditch hosted an event in the town centre to recognise Royal Enfield and their contribution to the town. As well as some golden oldies, there was the entire range from the current Enfield owners - and the CEO paid a visit on one day. The Constellation / Interceptor reincarnation had been...
  16. beachcomber

    Help - Oddball request

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to track down one of these Beach Buggy hardtops. For Bounty Hunter / Deserter. ;)
  17. beachcomber

    Books, manuals, OEM w/s manuals

    I'm listing these books over on the UK platform so as not to clog up space ! ;) I am finally having a book cull - over 1000 titles car, bike, and some militeria. ALL books are AS NEW [ unless stated ] and some have never even been opened ....... I owned a book shop in the 80's ! MOST are...
  18. beachcomber

    KZ750 Twin AR springs wanted.

    Hi guys, I'm hoping with the better availability of NOS in the US someone might be able to find me a set of AR springs. Preferably new - or as new. They are unobtainium here in the UK and EU and the guy that makes my springs [ fork and clutch ] can make these to exacting standards. As long as I...
  19. beachcomber


    Time for that clearout I've been promising for the past 5 years or so. ::) I have 100's of parts, wheels, tyres, carbs, loads of BMW Kay stuff and 100's of bike related books and workshop manuals. I'll start making a list next week and offer them here before going on E-Bay / Amazon.
  20. beachcomber


    For anyone who wants to de-clutter the bars and get that 60's look if using disc brakes [ ?? ]. I have a number of BMW Airhead remote master cylinders. Very compact and efficient operated by cable from bars to hidden location [ under tank ? ]. Probably have 5 or 6 all in good to usable...
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