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  1. mrkil

    77 rear wheel with akmost new Avon to trade for mag drum rear wheel with decent

    Trade this For one of these rear wheels with a decent rear tire. I'm located in Hamilton Ontario
  2. mrkil

    looking to swap my vintage springer for your xs650 front end. Hamilton

    Looking to trade my front end for yours. Vintage twisted skinny springer including wheel and bars for your stock front end. The rockers do need new hardware but it is rideable just a bit sloppy. I'm looking at addding some apeed to my bike and want to go dual disk. doesn't matter if the front...
  3. mrkil

    xs650 chopper and Honda 185T

    Hey guys I have 2 of my bikes for sale. First is my xs chop. 77 frame 71 motor with a later 77 gears. There is a bubble under the paint on the tank, but everything works fine. I would rebuild the rockers if I was keeping it. $3500 Second is a 78 Honda 185t t winstar. runs fine but electric...
  4. mrkil

    Nice jugs and head From a 35 year old!

    Now that I have everyones attention. I'm selling off some left overs from my 77 xs bulid. I am in Hamilton Ontario and I can ship some smaller stuff but the bigger stuff may cost a pretty penny to ship. What I have is A rear axle $5 Locking gas cap wit key $15 Front brake master could...
  5. mrkil

    WTT: 18" 77 xs650 rear wheel to swap for 16" spoked.

    Looking to swap my 18" newly built rear wheel complete with brandnew Avon for your 16" spoked xs wheel with rubber. This would be great for someone building a cafe. Would like to swap face to face. I'm in Hamilton, so something in the southern Ontario are would be best.
  6. mrkil

    DIY lengthening your xs650 brake rod.

    This is a quick DIY for those with longer swing arms or stretched hardtails. Not really a cafe thing but does fit in the brake section. I have noticed quite a few threads on the subject but never a How To on the subject. So this is my contribution to the site. Enjoy. You will need 1/4" steel...
  7. mrkil

    found: CB750 front fender local Toronto Only

    Since there is a postal strike it looks like I can't order anything from the states unless I wan't to pay crazy brokerage. So I'm looking for a decent chrome cb750 front fender. let me know what you've got The closer to Toronto the better. something like this. Thanks Jeff
  8. mrkil

    1960's Hap Jones peanut tank Wassell style with offset cap $175

    This is an original Hap Jones offset cap peanut tank. It is stamped Made in England underneath. There are no mounting tabs. This has a deep tunnel and is a small 2 gallon peanut tank. This tank was cleaned and lined at Gas Tank Renu. You will need to reline if you weld tabs on. It comes with a...
  9. mrkil

    will pay for a machined stepped stud

    hey guys i'm looking to have a stepped stud machined up for my xs engine's exhaust. heli coiled and it was stripped out. i need one of these specs are m12x1.25 m8x1.25 total length 43mm let me if you can do this and how much thanks jeff
  10. mrkil

    WTB 5l mini keg empty please :)

    looking to buy an empty mini keg for my electrical stuff in the xs650 bobber. prefer pick up in toronto come on some one can pound back one of those Heineken minis! i'll pay the return cost plus $10 for your troubles ;)
  11. mrkil

    WTB: cb450 chain adjusters & master cylinder

    i need cb450 chain adjusters & master cylinder for my bobber project. let me know what you've got i'm located in toronto but i'm willing to pay for shipping thanks jeff
  12. mrkil

    need to borrow xs650 alternator rotor puller

    as the title says i need an xs650 alternator rotor puller. i'm in toronto's high park area let me know if you have one i could borrow. thanks jeff
  13. mrkil

    Ghost in the machine?!

    Hey everybody Myself and 2 other friends/coworkers started an paranormal investigating team about 6 months ago. It's called the R.I.D.G.E. team (Researching, Investigating and Debunking Ghostly Encounters) and we're servicing most of Southern Ontario. I've pretty much finished the website this...
  14. mrkil

    1967 cb77 Superhawk (not mine)

    found this on the 1967 cb77 superhawk 305 $550 obo located in Palmerston, On. 519-343-5445 ask for jim
  15. mrkil

    FS: 7/8" window bars and frisco coffin tank

    hey guys i've picked up a Hap Jones tank so the frisco coffin tank has to go $70.00 located in toronto prices do not include shipping
  16. mrkil

    WTB: cb350 chain tensioners and xs650 rear wheel spacer and dust cover

    hey guys i need some stuff to finish up the back end of my bobber project i need a pair of cb350 chain tensioners and an xs650 rear sprocket side wheel spacer and dust cover thanks guys
  17. mrkil

    good scores at the 2010 international motorcycle show

    just figured i'd start a thread kind of a show and tell of any good purchases made at the show/ myself i picked up a shorty mirror and a set of avon tires for my bobber project
  18. mrkil

    WTB: xs 650 fork spring seat/ cap

    in pulling apart my forks for rebuild i seem to have lost the spring seat a for the top of the spring. the forks are from a 77 if anyone has one please let me know thanks jeff
  19. mrkil

    FS: xs650 frame brace

    this is a brace custom made for hardtailing an xs 650 it is a bolt in unit so that when you cut and weld the tail on nothing will shift out of place. i also have a piece we made for the tc bros tail section that bolts where the back wheel would be. this aswell keeps the tail from distorting...
  20. mrkil

    my bobber build

    well i love building whether it's cars, bikes or otherwise so i picked up a basket case from my buddy $350 for a complete xs650 with papers here's what i'm starting with in the car unloaded my buddy is going to glass bead the top end did some work on the front wheel i'll be dropping it...
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